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Traditional animation vs. 3D animation...

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I am not that big of King's quest, but I have seen bits of pieces of the games. The only game of King's quest that I remember playing was the 7th one, and that one was the Princeless Bride. I'm not that big into the animation of that one(Since I dislike it when people mimic the Disney style) but my sister likes it and it reminds her of Don Bluth's style. I know the game is likely to be done in 3D but will there be certain parts of the game that will use 2D? Or even better, used for the cutscenes of the game? It would be sweet if that would happen.
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  • The main thing that bugs me about BttF's visuals is Marty's perpetually slack-jawed facial expression. I just want him to close his damn mouth!!! ;)
  • I don't think the issue of not being able to find all the exits is exclusive to 3D adventure games. For example, I got stuck for ages in Monkey Island 2 because I didn't know there was an exit leading to the fisherman on Phatt Island and I didn't know there was a path leading up above the waterfall, also on Phatt Island (the path leading up there should make it obvious I know but I remember trying to go up there and failing so I assumed there was nothing up there. Poor adventure gaming form, I admit, but I was young :o).

    Off the top of my head I can't think of a single 3D adventure game where I got stuck from not being able to find an exit, though I'm not the best example because by the time adventure games were coming out in 3D I was quite experienced.

    Point is just because a game is 2D doesn't mean it's void of navigational issues.
  • Well I'm looking forward to a reinterpretation; hopefully not cartoon disney style like kq7, but something that walks the line between realism and story book style wise. Kq5 and kq6 backgrounds and environment were great but would be much better in 3d if it is done well as an example.

    i.e. bad 3d graphics = clipping,textures stand out as being blocky and or seeing the seams in objects, no visual pop, environments and characters don't go together and object placement has trees hovering above ground etc
  • I don't agree. You can have the exact same fixed camera scene reproduced from KQ5 or any other game but the added natural animations of objects in those scenes would make them very much more alive.
    Sorry I only reply to this little part of your post, I'm not trying to make a point here one way or the other, but I was reminded of Myst 4... that game actually had quite nicely animated scenery despite being pre-rendered.

    I think it's a bit hard to compare 2D and 3D when it comes to modern games as there haven't been many really high-budget 2D games that push modern machines much at all... I wonder how good a 2D game could look if it was given the same budget as some of the really high budget 3D titles these days.

    There are lots of effects and various things they can do to make 2D environments very immersive, I think.

    I do agree though that 3D has reached a point now where it really can look gorgeous. My issue with it is that I'm probably more close minded than you are - I feel a first person adventure game controlled just like an FPS game would differ too much from adventure games in the traditional sense.
    And traditional adventure games (Sierra mainly) is what I really fell in love with, and still love to this day.

    I did enjoy the Myst games though, and many of those are first person with a 360 degree view... so not that far from how you explore in a fully 3D game.
    But it kept the simplicity of point & click adventure games with its node based system, point & click controls in other words... that might be part of why I still really like these games, strange as it sounds.

    Come to think of it, realMyst was a nice novelty but I have to say I prefer the original Myst game. And Myst 5 (and Uru, if you count that) are probably my least favourite games in the series.

    So I have to admit I'm somewhat close-minded regarding this.

    EDIT - just thought of one thing I've always loved about hand-painted/drawn graphics that you don't find in 3D games - every background is unique, and every part of every background as well.
    As opposed to 3D games where you have textures that repeat.
  • As much fun as it is to discuss the same stuff that we've been going back and forth about for years, I think it'll be more fun if we get our hopes up about a 2D game and then watch our hopes get crushed. I think the best way to raise hopes is to look at the Hector: Badge of Carnage game, which is a 2D game being adapted to the Telltale Tool. In particular, check out these quotes from Dave Felton and Dave Grossman about the conversion (from an Adventure Gamers interview):
    DF: Episode 1 is being remade in the Telltale Tool now. The process has not been too difficult. Straandlooper’s game engine does not have any functionality beyond what the Telltale Tool can do. It’s going to be very hard to tell the difference between the original version and the remake.
    DG: Fortunately, there are some magicians over there in the southern corner of our production floor, who are using some sort of perpendicular horizontal two-and-a-half-D craziness to make it work (I don’t know how many other studios use magicians to accomplish production miracles, but I recommend it).

    So that's pretty promising. They really could do some cool 2D stuff if they wanted to. The real difficulty though is that their staff is primarily experienced with 3D design and animation, and they also don't necessarily have the time and the budget for elaborate 2D art. Still, I'm sure they'll at least put some consideration toward the possibility of doing this particular license in 2D, do a cost-benefit analysis and whatnot.
  • Just whats with 2D anyways? It doesn't seem much of a harm in video games. I mean, look at the animation in Discworld 2 or even Wario land shake it.
  • I really dont see a whole debate throughout the whole "2D/3D" thing. Besides there are other video games that have used actual hand-drawn animation for video games, to cel shaded video games. Most of the time its done in just CG.
  • Not sure which way you're swinging there mate
  • Icedan, what I am saying regardless if this king's quest title is being done in either 2D or 3D it would probably good anyways. Besides I could name a whole bunch of video games that are 2D as well as cel-shaded video games(if your counting those games). Besides, am I the only one who dislikes how the 7th King's quest game had animation similar to likeness of Disney as well as Don Bluth? I always imagined if they were going to do a 2D game of King's quest they do their own style for it.

    Who knows, maybe if the first episode does well enough Telltale might consider the idea for it.
  • You are definintely not the only one. I can't stand it. And there are others.
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