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Max Stuffed Doll...please?

posted by onezumi on - last edited - Viewed by 6K users

I love this game. How much? I bought the whole season for myself and held a contest on my webcomic website and gave away the first episode to a total stranger for free.

I'm about to go to the shop and buy a girly T shirt for myself. I already bought the sketchbook. Frankly, Telltale did such a great job on this game series I will probably buy anything I can more than once and I'm also going to buy other games.

What I really want to see... is a Max stuffed doll! Please. Please. Make some. Sell them to me. I'll beg. I will buy it. Probably more than one. A Sam doll would be awesome, too. I would also buy him. I would bet any money that a Max doll would sell out in record time.

Also, if the DeSoto T Shirt were made in girl's size, that would enable me to also purchase that. A girl's version of that would be great, too. :)

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  • A girl Sam & Max fan? Cool! :D Yeah, make a stuffed Sam & Max! We want stuffed Sam & Max! :D
  • Yus!

    I am indeed not male in any way, shape, or form, and I am probably one of the biggest Sam and Max fans ever to walk the earth. When I heard LucasArts canceled the first iteration of the second game, I went nuts and did a big explosion on my website that (I hope) helped more people write in and sign that petition - every once in a while my character will be seen dressed up as a psychotic bunny. (Which I think actually might be fun to do at a convention, but I digress.)

    Hey, the petition didn't work, but now we have this great game series to show for it! It's like for the first time ever, someone made a game that I find more awesome than my Mom's face even if she was giving me a candy bar. With her face of awesome. If she was awesome.

    IMO it ranks the title of "Best game EVAR". :D

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  • A Sam and/or Max plushie would be absolutely amazing. I would buy one, and I'm sure my sister would as well...

    I am, indeed, a girl as well!
  • A Sam and Max action figurine would be awesome.. they would sell soo many of those.. all the comic stores in the world would snap them up.. Maybe we could harass the people who makes those kinda things..who made the hellboy ones? to make sum sam and max
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    It is true that the entire world wants at least two Sam & Max action figures each per person (I want more like 50 for myself) so I don't know what's holding things up. :) Action figures and plush dolls come up about once every two marketing meetings, mostly because Emily seems to really want one. We haven't got any plans to make any at the moment though... :( Maybe someday...
  • Please make some...
    I would even order two pairs from overseas!
  • Well Mezco Toyz makes South Park, Hellboy, Family Guy, Living Dead, etc action figures.. I think it would be great if they made a Sam & Max line.. Maybe Steve could hook it up via Mike Mignola? or maybe Telltale could do it.. either way something needs to be done!

    recent Steve Purcell quote:
    Peter Clausen: Sam & Max have already appeared in many media. Where do you still want them to leave their mark?

    Steve Purcell: Every year I talk about trying to do a toy. I love vinyl figures especially ones that are from some existing work. When I was a kid I loved the vinyl figures of Walt Kelly's Pogo characters. They were a premium given away with detergent or something but they are very similar to vinyl toys being done right now. They had a nice sculptural quality, very raw even. I once heard that they were actually sculpted by Kelly himself. I love ventriloquist dummies. My dream toy would be a 1:18 scale Desoto with Sam & Max figures driving it.
  • I HAVE said it before! A max plushdoll! I want one! :D
  • I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus and say "Please, sir or madam as the case may be, make this item and allow me to purchase it from you for whatever price you deem reasonable."
  • I realy like the idea of Sam & Max actionfigures or plushies and I don't think I will hesitate to buy them.
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