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Reprint the KQ Companion!

posted by Anakin Skywalker on - last edited - Viewed by 943 users
I figured since this forum does occaisonally get the eyes of TT's staff, who are in contact/under contract with Activision, I'd figured I'd say it here: The KQ Companion should really get a reprint. It's been out of print since 1997 or so and the available copies are slowly dwindling. It's a great resource for KQ fans and make for good, short fantasy novels even beside the KQ connection.

Surely would be a good tie-in with a relaunch of KQ, no?
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  • Copies are not really that hard to come by. But I think the best option and to save trees would be to turn it into an e-book for Kindle and what not. They should that for all the Sierra novels and guides.
  • How about the four Kings Quest novels as well, I hear they're really cheesy :D

    I actually have all of them but I've never felt like actually reading any :p
  • There are only three KQ novels, actually. They are essentially standard high fantasy material. Nothing great, but not terrible either. Just fun reads. I wouldn't really call them "cheesy", except maybe SNW, but it was intentially written to be a bit 'silly'.

    I think those should get the Kindle treatment as well.
  • Armakuni;464537 said:
    How about the four Kings Quest novels as well, I hear they're really cheesy :D

    I actually have all of them but I've never felt like actually reading any :p
    Yeah, like Valiento said, it's just The Floating Castle, Kingdom of Sorrow, and See No Weevil. And hey, if you don't want them, I'll take 'em off your hands.
  • Had to go check now, I was feeling so certain there were four :o
    I must have gotten it mixed up with something else... but you're right, I only have three.

    And a lot of other probably really bad novels, such as Shadow Warrior and Doom ones :D

    I should read the Tex Murphy and Gabriel Knight ones someday, though.
    I have way too many books for someone who doesn't read much :p
  • I have the three novels and the KQ companion, I also have the official book of King's Quest: Daventry and beyond... the one with all the crossword puzzles to get the answers to game puzzles and the parts you have to hold up to a mirror and read... there are also some awesome color photos in the back.

    While we are on the topic I also have the official book of Leisure suit Larry and The Space Quest Companion.

    here is a little trivia.. have you ever noticed that all three KQ novels share the same exact UPC barcode and number with one another AND with the Star Wars book Young Jedi Knights: delusions of grandeur... I know because I scanned it with my windows phone and it came up as that Star Wars book and I went into my storage shed pulled out the dusty tote that book was in and sure enough all four have the same code.
  • The back of the KQ novels actually even advertise the Young Jedi Knights books in the back.

    Other books that would be interesting to get Kindle editions would be the Gabriel Knight Novels, and the GK2 Hintbook (which was also written as a novel). There is also the Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures (which contains novels). There is also the Police Quest Casebook, and the Official Book of Police Quest (both contain novels based on PQ games). There is also the Quest for Glory: Authorized Guide (contains novels).

    Also many of the small Sierra hintbooks also contained alot of interesting material.
  • years ago I had little hintbooks for KQ5 and 6 they had the little red plastic bits to see the answers ... I bet they are still in my mom's attic.
  • KQ5 Hintbook had the red magic viewer system.

    KQ6 didn't btw, it was straight black and white text.

    KQ6 hintbook was filled with excellent behind the scenes information, and a neat essay by Lorelei Shannon, summarising the games.

    Most of the scans are here. It's missing some of the AGI books, and maybe one for KQ1 remake (did sierra make one for that game?).
  • You're probably right its just been years since I have looked at them.
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