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Free association at Sybil's

posted by Storm34 on - last edited - Viewed by 686 users
:( Hello,

I cannot get the free association no matter what I try!
I know that if she says anything about the dentist or hair products you are to use the gun or glove.
I can't get any of the first questions right! ( I have Tumbleweed, cow, Lug nut, Scoundrel,Proliferation, (Pastese?:( ) something like that. No matter which word I choose in the three answers I get them wrong!
Example: Cow, the three answers that associate with them are, Forceps, Sample size, Frozen concentrated Orange juice? What does any of them have to do with a cow? I have tried all at different occasions like the other words.
I can't get a right answer. Maybe it's my brain or what am I doing wrong!

Please help I can't move on! I have finished the other 2 tests.

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