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CSI 3 Copy Protection Problem!! Help!

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Okay I bought the Retail CD from the Store today for CSI 3 Dimentions of Murder. Install goes fine, just when I click the Icon to run it, nothing happens. Hour glass then poof. Nothing. Same problem if i install the game on my laptop.

Now some might say i need DX info and blah blah. The problem is a friend sent me a no-cd thing for it. Works fine on both Desktop and Laptop. Starts up right away and all.
Is there ANYWAY to get the game running without such a thing?? I cant use the patch with this.

As a side note I find this horribly annoying as a paying customer I cant get the game working without this no-cd stuff. The only person hurt here is me the person who legitmately bought the game, while the hackers are playing without incident.
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  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear about the problem. You'll have to contact Ubisoft with copy protection questions. We don't have any control over the copy protection used with CSI.

  • i had the same problem when i tried to install it, the install screens would never appear. so i shut down all my anti-spyware and antivirus programs i had running in the background, and when i tried again it took a little bit but it worked! try doing that and see if it works
  • What kind of copy protection does it use anyway? Is the Super Pack any different? Is the Steam version different?
    I'd like to purchase the game, but I'm unsure. You don't exactly read positive things about Ubisoft's copy protections.
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