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Why don't low settings work?

posted by trlkly on - last edited - Viewed by 199 users
I know you don't officially support Intel chips, and I'm not asking you to (hence why this isn't in the support forum.) But why might the higher level graphics modes work, but the lower level ones not? Anything below 4 ticks doesn't work.

I'm just curious why lower settings wouldn't work.
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    Ben Telltale Staff
    Graphics level 3 and lower use shader model 1.4, which is very outdated. It's needed to run on very old GPUs, but it makes sense that driver support may be lacking on newer GPUs.

    Just speculation on my part, I haven't actually looked into this.
  • Thanks for such a straightforward answer. My card only has shader model 2.0 in hardware. Intel was not known for having the most compatible graphics drivers back in 2008, which was when the latest driver for my card was released. It doesn't surprise me that they would have left out some sort of backwards compatibility.

    The thing is, Graphics level 4 runs nearly identically as on my integrated Geforce on another computer. I bumped the Geforce down to mode 1, and cranked up the Antisotropic filtering, and it both looked good and ran smoothly. Since it seems to be nearly the same, I was hoping to be able to also use the same settings on my laptop with an Intel chip.

    I may look into hacked drivers.
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