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Point and Click Beetlejuice.

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I thought I would bring this up. Now, a friend of mine was talking about Beetlejuice and Telltale games. He thinks that Telltale games should make an adventure game out of Beetlejuice(only because they did Back To the future). As well as cartoon humored stuff like Strong bad and Monkey Island. I'm not agaisnt the idea of an adventure/point and click beetlejuice, I can picture it happening. But not done by telltale games. I don't know any other studio good with point and click adventure gaming besides Telltale that would do Beetlejuice.

So would you guys like to see an adventure game of Beetlejuice?
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  • I think it could work, definitely couldn't be worse than the old LJN game. I'd suggest putting it in the universe of the cartoon series rather than the movie though.
  • That's quite an imaginative idea. I would definitely play the game and if it takes place in the world of the cartoon, they would have a decent amount of material to work with. Although, I really liked Barbara and Adam and I was disappointed that they didn't get a role in the cartoon.
  • I think it would work rather perfectly if its like the cartoon.
  • I think that Autumn Moon would be the best developer for the job, judging from the tone and artwork seen in A Vampyre Story and Pirates of Vooju Island.

    Having said that perhaps Tim Schafer is the closet gaming has to Tim Burton and as such maybe Double Fine would be the best match.

    Either way, TellTale would be a distinct 3rd for me when it comes to Beetlejuice as an IP.

    Then again I'm not exactly a huge fan of Beetlejuice as an IP, so I'd rather no-one develop it.

    Yes, that's my choice. I say Beetleguise, you say Beetlejuice; let's call the whole thing off!
  • Hey, that idea of a cartoon beetlejuice P&C game is a pretty good idea. I should know, I was the one who thought it up :)
  • I would buy it just for a re-creation of the cartoon series intro in 3D, as long as they use the real music.
  • Yeah and maybe the original cast with replacements for those who died
  • Movie-Beetlejuice or Cartoon-Beetlejuice?
  • Chyron8472;469742 said:
    Movie-Beetlejuice or Cartoon-Beetlejuice?
    I would go with the cartoon. There's a lot more there to go on than in the movie, plus it makes it easier for the player to play as Beetlejuice if you do the cartoon.
  • If you base it on the cartoon, you're going to get plenty of people complaining "wtf why is Beetlejuice friends with Lydia?" and whatnot. I don't think you'd get much of a positive reception from the general public reviving a classic movie like Beetlejuice and not basing it off of the actual classic movie. Do you think anyone would have cared about Back to the Future if it like the cartoon and not the movies?
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