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Rate The Last Song(s) You Heard

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I don't know how far this topic'll go, but it could be interesting. I guess it depends how often you guys listen to music; I do it every day!

I'll start. You can post links too if you want. I mostly only ever listen to songs I like, so this list might end up being rather silly. :D

Under the Boardwalk - Bruce Willis and the Temptations - 11/11

Joy to the World - Three Dog Night - 11/11

La Bamba - Ritchie Valens - 11/11

Devil Woman - Bruce Willis - 9/11

Sinner's Prayer - Bruce Willis, BB King, and Billy Preston - 10/11

Everybody Jam! - Scatman John - 11/11

Snow Road - Yuka Tsujiyoko - 9/11

Friday - Rebecca Black - 0/11 Because it's the cool thing to say.
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  • Can't say I'm the biggest fan of fishing, but that song's pretty cool.

    It's funny how we associate music with certain seasons, weather, times of the day, etc. I associate classic rock with summer, mostly, and metal music with winter, but have no idea why. I guess it depends on the environment in which you're used to hearing that music the most, or perhaps the environment in which you first heard that music. Don't know why I'm talking about this - just some thoughts and observations.
  • Joe Perry Project - "South Station Blues" - 7/10
    It's not a bad rock song, but like so much of Joe Perry's material (especially the stuff he sings on), it is very bland.

    - "Discount Dogs" - 8.5/10
    This is one of the better songs of his. I don't know whether it's the fact that he's not singing, or that it might just be a better-written song, but this song seems to have a lot more life to it. It's probably one of the best 'Project songs.

    - "Shooting Star" - 9/10
    I actually like this one even more than "Discount Dogs", which simply doesn't make any sense because Joe's singing on this one. But, admittedly, he puts in a slightly more emphatic vocal performance than usual - he doesn't sound too bored. Also, it's one of the few songs of his that actually has a proper, likeable riff and enjoyable chorus.

    - "Rockin' Train" - 5.5/10
    The band's worst. It's just annoying, unimaginative crap. It's also far too repetitious; it has no business being 6 minutes long.

    Overall, the Joe Perry Project were a decent rock band/side project, but they never managed to reach the level of quality that Aerosmith managed to reach.

    Nightwish - "Poet and the Pendulum" - 10/10
    This song is absolutely terrific; one of my all-time favourites, actually. It goes through so many stages during its 14-minute running time - from quiet, soothing melody, to the most powerful metal riffs you'll hear, and everything in between. And every moment of the track is enjoyable; the song reaches its climax at around the half-way mark, but never do I feel like skipping to it, because every piece of music prior to it is great, quality music. Like a lot of Nightwish's material, there's certainly some cheesiness in the mix (most of it as a result of the spoken word parts), but I no longer really care about music being 'cheesy'. It was actually as a result of hearing this track that I stopped caring about 'cheesiness' in music, because this song showed me that you will miss out on some of the world's best music if you allow trivial crap to get in the way of your personal enjoyment. Anyway, this song is symphonic metal at its best; it's a truly epic symphonic metal masterpiece :).

    Joe Satriani - "Light Years Away" - 9/10
    It's a standard Satriani rock song: a bunch of impressive soloing over the top of several highly enjoyable riffs.
  • Sorry to double-post, but... I don't really care, in this instance; I like this thread.

    John Powell - "This Is Berk" - 10/10
    This track is terrific; every stage of it is highly enjoyable. It's just one of many great tracks from the 'How to Train Your Dragon' soundtrack, which I should probably buy very soon.

    Black Stone Cherry - "Yeah Man" - 9/10
    It's pretty retarded lyrically, but it's a fun track; a great, powerful, modern southern rock song. I'm not sure why this song wasn't included on the standard version of the album.

    Jonathan Coulton - "Want You Gone" - 9/10
    As good as "Still Alive".

    John Waite - "Shadows of Love" - 6.5/10
    Reasonably enjoyable to listen to, but completely uninspired, unoriginal and unmemorable. This is one of those songs that I know I'll only ever listen to once and never again.

    Jorn - "Song For Ronnie James" - 10/10
    Jorn is the master of balance in this song. He's created a track that aims to be both a badass metal song and a sentimental ballad, and he pulls it off really well without making the song sound confused and directionless. It's a great metal track and a perfect tribute to Mr. Dio. This song was written prior to his death (and prior to his diagnosis, I think), but was released just after his death; it's a shame he never go to hear it :(.

    Judas Priest - "Worth Fighting For" - 10/10
    This is just one of those songs that is just faultless. It's one of my favourite 'Priest songs of all time and one of my favourite rock songs of all time. It's very well-written and very well put-together. The melody is great, the riff is memorable, and Halford's vocals are great (because this one is actually within his range), and those layered vocals//harmonies give a lot of depth and texture to the song.
  • XTC - Making Plans for Nigel 8/10

    I have no idea why I like this song, I just do

    Zager and Evans - In the Year 2525 8/10

    See above
  • Hayden;484392 said:
    It just doesn't get worse than this; this is just the pinnacle of crappiness in 'music'
    Oh believe me I have far worse music on my youtube account (a fair warning: don't click this if you are using headphones. Your ears might start to bleed).
  • Iced Earth - Travel In Stygian
    Awesome song... Only reason I can't give it a 10, is because it would've been better with Ripper. Gotta love the Van Halen of heavy metal(on their 5th singer now). \ , , /
  • Serj Tankian - Peace Be Revenged 10/10

    I hope Serj stays on this musical path for a long time. System was a great band, but his solo work is miles above anything he did in those days. This song (hell, this entire album) is a fantastic example of that. It's not exactly the deepest political commentary in the world, but it comes from a sincere place, and Serj can paint some extremely interesting verbal imagery.
  • The Lonely Island - Jack Sparrow* - 10/10

    This song is extremely catchy and absolutely hilarious. The Lonely Island should be proud.

    *explicit content warning
  • DrRocketGenius;501213 said:
    Jack Sparrow* - 10/10

    This song is extremely catchy and absolutely hilarious. The Lonely Island should be proud.

    *explicit content warning
    Oh jeez, I kept thinking about that all day.
  • DrRocketGenius;501213 said:
    The Lonely Island - Jack Sparrow* - 10/10

    This song is extremely catchy and absolutely hilarious. The Lonely Island should be proud.

    *explicit content warning
    My brother sent that to me yesterday. Hilarity agreed upon. I was giggling for quite some time after.
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