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Rate The Last Song(s) You Heard

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I don't know how far this topic'll go, but it could be interesting. I guess it depends how often you guys listen to music; I do it every day!

I'll start. You can post links too if you want. I mostly only ever listen to songs I like, so this list might end up being rather silly. :D

Under the Boardwalk - Bruce Willis and the Temptations - 11/11

Joy to the World - Three Dog Night - 11/11

La Bamba - Ritchie Valens - 11/11

Devil Woman - Bruce Willis - 9/11

Sinner's Prayer - Bruce Willis, BB King, and Billy Preston - 10/11

Everybody Jam! - Scatman John - 11/11

Snow Road - Yuka Tsujiyoko - 9/11

Friday - Rebecca Black - 0/11 Because it's the cool thing to say.
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  • der_ketzer;501133 said:
    What... is that? Man, that is just an unholy concoction of strangeness and awfulness. But, I still consider it better than "Friday". At least this 'song' ^ doesn't actually get up my nose and irritate me. "Friday" is annoying, unoriginal, and bad. This is just bad, so it's slightly more bearable.
    Johro;501183 said:
    Iced Earth - Travel In Stygian
    Awesome song... Only reason I can't give it a 10, is because it would've been better with Ripper. Gotta love the Van Halen of heavy metal(on their 5th singer now). \ , , /
    Damn, I forgot about these guys. I've been meaning to buy some of their music for a while now, but have just kept forgetting. This is the case with many of the smaller-name metal bands.

    That was a great performance by the way; metal musicians are rarely that precise when playing live.
  • Ne Plach, Devchonka by the Alexandrov Ensemble - 8/10

    Very catchy, very touching. This Russian ballad is very catchy and, if you can mutter your way through a little Russian, has a very emotional message.
  • Doctor? by Orbital live at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival. I was there and it was fantastic, not just this track but the whole set.

    9/10 for the normal track, 10/10 for the live version (based on being there)

    That got me reminiscing about the 2nd time I went to Glasto, in 2007 with one of the highlights being the Chemical Brothers on the Sunday night (exact same slot as Orbital 3 years previously). Here's them with Star Guitar.

    8/10 for the actual song, but again 10/10 for the live experience.
  • I seem to be missing the 'hilarity' in "Jack Sparrow". I mean, it's light-hearted, it has some semi-funny moments, but I honestly can't see how anyone can laugh out loud at it. I dunno, maybe I'm just different, but this brand of humour fails to appeal to me.

    Judas Priest - "Better By You, Better Than Me" - 9/10
    A good cover; they breathed a lot of life into the song, I think. This is probably one of the highlights of the 'Stained Class' album. Halford sounds great on it (as his voice was still strong back in those years), the soloing is really good (though this can be said about any 'Priest song), and the recording is really good for the time period. Also, I managed to listen to the whole song without killing myself, which is always a positive.

    Steven Tyler - "(It) Feels So Good" - 4/10
    Oh, now this is just crap. I love Steven Tyler, I love Aerosmith, but this song is just terrible; I stopped listening half-way through.

    Black Label Society - "Parade of the Dead (Unplugged)" - 9/10
    Musically, I absolutely love what they've done with it, but I find that Zakk's vocals on this track don't really sit well in the context of the track. It's not as though it's a bad vocal performance, it's just a little too over-the-top for an acoustic rendition, and it sounds a little unsuited and out-of-place. And that's the reason why I can't give this a 10. But, apart from that, I'm really impressed with what they've transformed this BLS tune into.

    Epica - "Fools of Damnation: The Embrace That Smothers, Pt. 9" - 10/10
    Okay, well, that was amazing... on almost every level. An incredible display of musicianship and songwriting; this song is packed with great riffs, arrangements, compositions and performances. I have no criticisms for this song, not even the scream/growl sections (which is something I'm usually not too fond of in metal music).

    Rush - "Cold Fire" - 10/10
    I really love this song; it's one of the best from the 'Counterparts' album. It's not as though it's the most exciting song, or the most impressive song musically, but it's just a really well-written song. It's very catchy, very memorable, and perfectly constructed. The verses are solid, and the chorus is even better, which is how every standard rock song should be. This song feels very complete, as though the band took their time in writing it and piecing it together; it achieves its full potential and is the best it can be. It's also one of those tracks that actually makes me feel something, rather than simply being impressive or 'sounding really good'; it actually appeals to me on a whole different level.

    - "Double Agent" - 10/10
    This song is also terrific, but for different reasons than "Cold Fire". "Cold Fire"s great because it's a consistent, smooth, perfect standard rock song. "Double Agent" is less of an accessible, mainstream-sounding song; it's a lot more ambitious and experimental, featuring a number of different riffs, styles and sounds which are all thrown together into one song and manage to miraculously stick together perfectly in order to create one brilliant rock song. It's as though Rush had three half-finished compositions, and thought "screw finishing all of these off; let's chuck 'em all together and finish just one song instead," and as I've said, the final product is nothing short of excellent. Also, like "Cold Fire", this track speaks to me and makes me feel something.

    These two tracks came as a pleasant surprise for me. I had originally bought 'Counterparts' for the tracks "Cut to the Chase" and "Nobody's Hero". Never would I have thought that the album would feature two tracks that far surpass those.
  • DrRocketGenius;501213 said:
    The Lonely Island - Jack Sparrow* - 10/10

    This song is extremely catchy and absolutely hilarious. The Lonely Island should be proud.

    *explicit content warning
    Greatest thing I've ever seen. 10/5

    Homeward Bound - The Journey Begins - Bruce Broughton - 11/11
  • Blind Guardian - Majesty(live) seem so far away now. Since this was their first song on their first album, the production level wasn't fantastic and the more recent live versions have proven superior. One of my favourites. This might be a ten in my books, but I'll give it a 9.5 because capping your rating is, well.... over rated. ;)
  • Time to jump on the bandwagon.

    Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island - 9.75/10
  • "Mouthful of Diamonds" by Phantogram — 9.4/10
    "Heart of Chambers" by Beach House — 9.5/10

    This rating thing is hard. I wouldn't be listening to these songs if I didn't like them!
  • O Happy Dagger;504002 said:
    I wouldn't be listening to these songs if I didn't like them!
    You sure have a point, last song I heard is probably my favorite song... still.

    "Rock Your Heart Out" by AC/DC
    10/10 - Why? I love that riff, and the two different sounding guitars taking turns and playing over each other in the intro sound wicked.
    And well the lyrics, cause its fun to rock your heart out. :p
  • Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes(album)

    One release removed from what fans called the "sell out" album(songs became shorter and more chorus oriented), Iced Earth, lead by guitarist Jon Schaffer, shot back with this masterpiece. While this album did contain their big ballad Watching Over Me(about a childhood friend of Jon's who died), it also included their heaviest song to date, Disciples Of The Lie(referring to disgraced catholic priests). This production which concludes with three interconnecting songs subtitled the Something Wicked Trilogy(an original story by Jon somewhat resembling "The Omen"), is strong start to finish; held together, in no small part, by the powerful and ranged vocals of, then singer, Matt Barlow(now retired).

    I would do well to point out that the band has played 10/13(one of the excluded being an instrumental) of this album's tracks live and still play 6 regularly, thirteen years later.

    The recipe for greatness in Something Wicked This Way Comes: A solid base of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest; a dash of Slayer; a pinch of 80's KISS. Mix well. Bake. Ice with a thin layer of vintage Black Sabbath. Enjoy.


    Iced Earth - Burning Times
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