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Do you think the game will be based on the comic, series, or both?

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Answer the question!!!!
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  • Answer the question!!!!


    I think it will be influenced by whichever one they have the rights to use... probably the comics.
  • I believe Robert Kirkman said it'd be based off the comics.
  • Telltale have stated it will be based off the comics.

  • As someone who hasn't (yet) read the comics nor see the series... I ask, what is the difference? The overall storyline, the character origins or the design?

    For example, when they made Spiderman, the movies, they changed a lot of the original character designs. And the stories. Especially the background stories.

    Also, which is "better" to see? For Lord of the Rings I can easily recommend the movies over the books. For Harry Potter I strongly suggest the books over the movies.

    What's the case here?
  • I'm a purist so I say the comics.
  • Well SWP the comics are black and white and from the best of my knowledge has only had two artists ... the current one has been on for nearly the entire run..

    But the show has hired actors for the most part that capture the look of each from the book... the main difference is that the show is in color.
  • So the storyline is identical?
  • Not at all. The story follows similar lines, and character arcs seem to be more or less the same(though sometimes following different events), but the show introduces new characters, subplots, and occasionally goes on detours. For example, the entire CDC plot in the last couple episodes was entirely fabricated for the TV series.
  • Icedhope wrote: »
    I'm a purist so I say the comics.

    You're really missing out if you don't check out the show as well. It's very true to the comics.
  • the shows added characters work... I could see them fitting right in with the book.
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