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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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I know that we have a thread to facilitate this sort of discussion, and a place to vent our excitement for up coming movies. But I felt that this particular film deserves its own thread, seeing as how the majority of us here are highly anticipating its release - something I've deduced from the fact that about 90% of the posts in the 'Up Coming Movie Thread' have mentioned it. I'm referring, of course, to 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides':


As the poster states, this will be released on May 20, which is under two months away! And, as though some fans weren't excited enough, a new trailer has now been released (though I do warn you that this trailer may contain what will perhaps be the best parts of the film).
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  • This... Movie... Must... Be... GOOD! (OrIMayDie)
  • Irishmile wrote: »
    I was running around town today and on a whim bought the movies on Blu-ray... the 7 disc box set comes with a voucher to print off a movie ticket.. but the theaters never seem to take those anyway... Have not messed around with it too much.. but the first thing I watched was a deleted scene where Jack walks from the captains quarters, through the crew chambers and down into a few of the cargo holds... its kind of cool because we do not get to see the inside of the ship all that much previously.

    I can't wait to see those deleted scenes. They're still not on YouTube and it looks like the box set won't be coming out in Europe anytime soon so it may take I while...
  • Alright, a lot's been coming out about this film, so I thought I'd resurrect this thread and post some of the new sneak peeks that have been released over the past week.

    Palace Escape Clip - a fifty-second excerpt from the film, where Jack Sparrow makes one of his fortunate and daring escapes. It involves a chandelier.
    "Live Forever" TV Spot - Just another standard 30-second trailer, but with some previously unseen content scattered throughout it.
    "Die Trying" TV Spot - Same case as above, but with different unseen stuff.
    "First Day of Filming" - The crew drags a bunch of cameras to a beach somewhere.
    Jack and Angelica - Bruckheimer, Depp, Cruz, Rush and Marshall discuss the character of Angelica, and her connection and relationship with Jack.
    "On Stranger Tides Revealed" - Pod #1 -This was apparently released in March, though I've only just stumbled upon it now. It's sort of just a mash-up of old trailers, with some new content, and some snippets of information from Marshall and Bruckheimer.
    "From Disneyland to the Big Screen" - A little 2-minute video showing how the Disneyland ride has evolved into this huge franchise. The video is presented by Geoffry Rush/Barbossa, and features a lot of video showing the filming process.

    Or you could just watch all of the new videos here. But hey, it doesn't hurt for me to go the stupid hard way and instead link to every individual video and provide and explanation of each of them.
  • I say craps to a franchise that lost its soul!
  • Except it hasn't. Also there are three more clips-

    King's Men
    Wet Again
  • Even more stoked!

    The movie is about Pirates; Action, ADVENTURE! All the things we loved as kids it shouldn't be about the Story, the characters it should be about the fun we had watching it, and seeing those clips. I have the highest expectations for this movie.
  • I just truly dislike Jack Sparrow. The more screen time he got, the less I appreciated the movie.
  • New Featurette ((new shots))

    It spoils a few scenes not shown so far, so it depends on how much you want to spoil of the movie. Also, outside of Star Trek or some horror franchises, I can't think of another franchise that has survived four sequels, or might actually have a good fourth film. Well, okay, there was Die Hard and Indiana Jones and Rambo and Rocky and...yeah okay, maybe not that big of a feat now, but Pirates surviving that long is kind of cool to me.
  • Fortunately Pirates isn't being written by people who went completely insane after the third installment.
  • Can't wait! I love all previous three movies so I bought a ticket to a gigantic Pirates marathon.
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