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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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I know that we have a thread to facilitate this sort of discussion, and a place to vent our excitement for up coming movies. But I felt that this particular film deserves its own thread, seeing as how the majority of us here are highly anticipating its release - something I've deduced from the fact that about 90% of the posts in the 'Up Coming Movie Thread' have mentioned it. I'm referring, of course, to 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides':


As the poster states, this will be released on May 20, which is under two months away! And, as though some fans weren't excited enough, a new trailer has now been released (though I do warn you that this trailer may contain what will perhaps be the best parts of the film).
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  • Irishmile;505928 said:
    Well.... I really liked it but its tied with worlds end as my least favorite... The biggest thing it lacked was really memorable supporting characters.. all the leads were great though.
    Yeah. It's all Captain Jack weirdness and nothing far beyond that. The mermaid subplot is subpar at best and the characters never truly fleshed out.
  • Yeah... Jack seemed REALLY off character... until the end. :D I DO hope they make it another trilogy if only to flesh out the newer characters more.

    Also the only thing they seemed to use from the Tim Powers book was the title, the fountain and Blackbeard... and the title is the only thing that they had to "pay" for... because both the fountain and Blackbeard are not protected by a copyright.

    It is sort of sad because just because they wanted to loot the title we will probably NEVER see an actual adaptation of Tim Powers excellent novel.

    But I did really REALLY like the movie I want that to be clear.. I am just talking about the things I think they could have improved.
  • I really enjoyed the movie. The leads all did a great job of holding the movie and the various locations kept my interest. As someone else mentioned, it did start a little slow but it quickly sped up once the race to the Fountain of Youth began. I did find myself missing some of the supporting characters from the previous three films during the film and I'm still hoping that some might make an appearance in the fifth or sixth.

    [Spoiler]Phillip and Syrena failed to leave an impression on me. Perhaps it was the fact that he came off as a poor man's Will Turner or maybe it was because they didn't play a big enough role in the film to make me focus on their characterizations. While they did grow on me during the course of the movie, I wasn't particularly interested in their relationship but that doesn't stop me from wondering as to what happened with the two of them at the end.[/Spoiler] But nobody went to the movie for them, they went for Captain Jack Sparrow.

    Johnny Depp did a fine job and he looks like he's having fun with the role. On that same note, I didn't find Cruz and Depp to have much chemistry. Maybe it's just me but I didn't really believe him at the end when [Spoiler]he mentioned that he's always loved her. From all the squabbling and mixed signals, I wasn't expecting such a bold statement. I did recognize some hints of affection but most of the time, they were just bickering.[/Spoiler].

    Overall, I'd rank it above At World's End but below Dead Man's Chest. A very fun and entertaining movie to kick off the summer. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually looking forward to the fifth.
  • The most underused element of the entire plot was the hatred between the Catholics and the Protestants as exhibited in the Spanish and English. Here you have this lynchpin of the film, the entire motivation behind why the Spanish are seeking to get to the Fountain, you have these minor allusions to Papists... And nothing! They go out of their way to portray the British West Indies and the role of the trading company in 2/3 but do little with the Catholic church as an antagonist to English ambitions in the New World. A whole politically intriguing plotline boiled down to a stereotypical "Senorita" !
  • That was rather terrible, as was the fountain itself. I was just's just a fountain. Well then.
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