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What's your favorite page of the comics? [Comic spoilers all up ins no doubt]

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Hey guys, some of you might know me -- I'm Sean Vanaman, TTG Designer and Craft-Services. I'm lead designing the game with Jake Big Bird Rodkin and thought it'd be cool for people to either describe or even post their favorite page/memorable moment from the comics. If you don't want to go through the rigmarole of posting an image, just say what trade and what page and give us the general gist of what's going on.

I'll try to get mine up this weekend. A healthy use of the spoiler tags in here I imagine.
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  • All of the cliffhangers where the best scenes in the comic, but I love the one when Rick is eating an apple and they see a whole army coming for them, with the Governor on the tank (I didn't think I'd ever see him after what Micchone did to him) screaming: KILL THEM ALL!! That was AWESOME!
  • Oh man, so hard to pick! There are TONS of pages that have earned a place amongst my favorites....

    And really any page that depicted the Governor's relationship with his daughter. It was this really twisted and subverted family relationship that I absolutely LOVED. One major thing that is amazing about The Walking Dead is its ability to stop for a moment to focus on some of the really screwed-up shit that can go down when the world has no rules and has gone straight to Hell, and this was one of those things that I loved.


    This one and the page before it are also favorites of mine. Absolutely BRUTAL. Beautifully detailed and dramatically poignant, because his friends are RIGHT there. They have nothing they can do but watch. It's simply gut-wrenching. I love it!


    I was AGONIZED having to choose a page between this and its kin, and I wouldn't be surprised if others picked up the slack in this regard. Do I go for the drill in the shoulder? The fingernails ripped off the hand? This, which comes right after that, and maybe "flows" from it too much? The eye being scooped out, or the eye coming out of it that doesn't really make sense on its own? There's the castration, of course, but is that really graphic or detailed enough to be considered my favorite?

    SO MANY choices, but in the end I picked this. A good mix of dialog, story, gore, and sheer vengeance and loathing. It simply gets to you when these rape/revenge stories cause the victim to go absolutely nuts. The rape sequence was able to be gut-wrenching while remaining relatively understated and, honestly, wasn't terribly graphic. This, on the other hand, is decidedly NOT understated, and gives the reader imagery that is graphic enough to FORCE a reaction in a situation that was already tense and dramatically fulfilling. This is probably my favorite sequence in the entire series, which is incredible because it could have been done completely without the zombie element. I think that's part of it, this is an entirely human concern, where a far greater enemy than the walking dead is a human that has full control of their own mind. That's what makes it so powerful, and what makes it work so well.

    ...also, I'm noticing a running theme: I love the Governor. Way too much. I simply REVEL in the atmosphere he exudes.

    Oh man, there are so many other great, amazing pages, but I should probably give somebody else a turn.
  • That moment when Rick states the obvious. When he asks everybody "Can't you see it? WE are the walking dead!"

    I think that's a pretty powerful statement... they're GOING to die, eventually. By zombies, by being shot, even natural causes will eventually kill them - and all of us.

    Apocalypse or no, what everyone's doing is just trying to stay alive one more day.

    I'd like it if the games shared that sense of hopeless survival.

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    seanvanaman Telltale Alumni
    Dashing: all good points concerning how the worst stuff that happens in this book, or the most dramatically interesting, really has nothing to do with the zombies. In fact, I really dig that as the story progresses and time goes on, the zombies just get sad: they evolve from the sort of bloated rotten monsters hiding in closets to sad sacks of bone that are still trying to eat you but are certainly not the most evil threat in the world. Here's a good look at one:

  • Mine is from the beginning of the series. (the coloring was done by someone named "Mr. Dodson". Personally I greatly prefer the black and white, but this was the only version I could find on google)


    This was one of the best moments in the television series, too. What amazes me about this scene is that, in hindsight, it almost seems naive and simplistic. Knowing what Rick has in store for his future, this act that had so much meaning before looks futile and meaningless now.
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    seanvanaman Telltale Alumni
    What amazes me about this scene is that, in hindsight, it almost seems naive and simplistic. Knowing what Rick has in store for his future, this act that had so much meaning before looks futile and meaningless now.

    Totally, right? That's a lot of what I like about comics and long-form content, is that you can go back a bunch of issues or episodes or what-have-you and say "oh God, that character has no idea what's coming in 500 pages."

    Context and narrative scale are all really interesting when a story is being told over a long period of time.
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    vivec2 BANNED

    Second page.

  • Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text
    Just to name a couple.

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