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New 360/PS3 Resident Evil game announced

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Slant Six Games has thus far made its bread off of Sony's SOCOM: Navy SEALs franchise. However, last year word emerged that the studio may be branching out when Kotaku ran a rumor indicating that the studio was staffing up for Resident Evil: Raccoon City, a "team-based" spin-off for the franchise.

Now, it looks as if those rumors were well founded. Gaming website Stick Skills claims to have secured an advance copy of the May 2011 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, within which are the first details on Slant Six's Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Stick Skills ran down the details from the story on its website and forwarded a photo of the periodical to Joystiq.

According to the website, Operation Raccoon City will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this winter. It will reportedly be set in 1998, around the time of Umbrella's original T-virus outbreak. The squad-based shooter sees gamers assuming the role of one of four members in an Umbrella Security Services troupe.

A player's objective will reportedly be to cover up all evidence of the outbreak, indiscriminately killing zombies and survivors alike. However, not all humans will be easy prey, as the "three-corner conflict" reportedly sees gamers facing off against US Spec Ops.
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  • Ugh, just what the series doesn't need; yet more partners lessening the impact of the horror aspect by increasingly turning the series into just another generic action game. Wake me up when Capcom gets around to actually taking the franchise back to its roots.
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