Samorost1 - What to do if it crashes

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If the game does crash on you, there is another way to play the game, albeit slightly trickier, but hey, the game is free.

Go to your game folder, which in a typical install will be in
C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Samorost 1\Samorost 1 Data.

Each swf file is a Macromedia Flash file, which will also work in web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.

When you double click them, they may open automatically in the browser, but you may need to point them to your browser as well.

Once you know this works, the levels are:

1: lyzar1.swf
2: rybar.swf
3: vcely_skala.swf
4: strom.swf
5: vodarna.swf
6: strojovna.swf
7: outro.swf

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