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Oh boy, got a whole mess of BttF problems here

posted by PhunkyPhazon on - Viewed by 227 users
Where to start, where to start? Well, first I should tell you that I use both Windows XP (SP3) and Mac and purchased the game through Steam. I played Episode 1 on Windows perfectly fine. When Episode 2 came out, the flux capacitor would show up and the music on the main menu started playing. But then nothing else would happen, it would just sit on a black screen with a frozen flux capacitor until I force quitted out of the game. I tried re-downloading, reinstalling, rebooting, but nothing worked.

So then I tried it on Mac, and everything worked fine. So now I tried Episode 3 on Mac only for it to continuously crash. Don't worry, I looked through these forums and know that the problem is that I don't have Snow Leopard. I'm shocked that the first two episodes work so damn well on an operating system it's not meant for (Yes, I have tested the Mac version of Episode 1), but there's not much I can do about that at the moment.

So I go back to Windows, download Episode 3 from Steam and...same deal as Episode 2 :(

This sounds like it might be more of a Steam problem, but the only threads I found on their forums about this issue have zero responses. So I turn to you guys in my hour of need. I saw this post regarding the Mac issue, but I can't imagine that would help since I'm on Steam and not a browser.

So are there any known solutions for the Windows problem? Remember, Episode 1 still works perfectly fine, it's just Episodes 2 and 3 that have this problem.

So just to summarize:
Episode 1- Works fine on both Windows and Mac
Episode 2- Works fine on Mac, get a frozen black screen on Windows
Episode 3- Immediately crashes on Mac, frozen black screen on Windows

EDIT: Oh yeah, before I forget I did bring issue up here before, but the only response I got was from a guy saying that he had the same problem on Windows and it just kind of fixed itself. I have not gotten as lucky as him.

EDIT 2: All right, I'm getting somewhere...sort of. I discovered that pressing Alt+Enter and bringing the game into Windowed mode temporarily fixes things. As soon as I click anything, it freezes yet again until I hit Alt+Enter, and then freezes yet again when I click something until I, you guessed it, hit Alt+Enter. I basically have to keep switching back and forth between windowed mode and full screen, and the opening cutscene forces me to do this every couple of seconds.

I've played the other episodes on this computer fine (I forgot to mention earlier that I'm dual-booting the two OS's on the same computer), so I know my computer can run the game fine with moderate graphic settings. That said, this problem still occurs even when I get the graphics turned down as low as possible. What the heck could possibly be causing this?
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