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25th Anniversary?

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"Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple" was released in 1987. Next year the Freelance Police will be turning 25.

Some kind of celebration is order. Sadly, I think we already know Telltale's schedule for the next two years, and Steve is still pretty busy over at Pixar.

Something needs to be done.
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  • So... A collection of people playing Fizzball around the world for the 25th Anniversary? Sounds good to me!
  • Vyse220 wrote: »
    what about telltale reprints The Age of S&M and The Effigy Mound ?

    This would change my life, I still search for these once a month to see if anyone has them for less than a hundred.
  • ...I was thinking all of us Sam and Max fans should do something together... like, come up with the ultimate fan project to honor our beloved suit-wearing dog and non-suit-wearing lagomorph!

    (Which will hopefully more than make up for us not getting anything Sam-and-Max-related from Telltale this year, so far at least.)

    Any suggestions for how to make 2012 a year to remember for Sam and Max fans (in an awesome way, of course) will be welcome here!

    I have ordered a copy of Sam and Max: Surfin' The Highway from Telltale's store... and once I have read every single word and understood every single storyline in that magnificent tome, I can draw inspiration from the book and come up with a memorable script for a potential motion comic to mark this occasion! However, that book would have to arrive at my house first before I can read from it (what is taking so long anyway?).

    What are your ideas?
  • actally we are getting sam and max season 2 for ps3 and ipad so i guess thats the sam and max thing we get this year
  • actally we are getting sam and max season 2 for ps3 and ipad so i guess thats the sam and max thing we get this year

    Maybe I should have rephrased that to say "some new Sam and Max game, cartoon, or other project this year".
  • well i guess it would have been a idea XD
  • Wow, Sam & Max are as old as I am, I feel a closer bond with them than ever. You know what would really make Sam & Max's 25th anniversary, as well as my own 25th birthday, another landmark achievement, really special? Sam & Max Season 4 :cool:

    Just putting it out there ;)
  • I've got the perfect place for a game of fizzball:

    The Burj Al Arab Tower.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    "We can only hope."
  • I will go beyond the happy, if a case file of the season .. added to the file stored in a season three cases, I would like to literally shed tears of joy.
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