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Telltale should take on CHEW

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If you don't frequent you're local comic shop, your probably staring at me with a blank face right and wondering what exactly "Chew" is. Chew is a monthly full color comic, written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory.

Chew takes place in a world where all chicken products have been outlawed due to a massive bird flu outbreak. It tells the story of Tony Chu, a cop with the unique ability to get a psychic impression from whatever he eats. This ability is known as cibopathy. For example if he eats an apple he gets an impression of what pesticides and fertilizers were used on it and when it was harvested. If he eats a hamburger he sees a cow being slaughtered. Curiously enough the only food he can eat without having a psychic impression is beets. Tony works with the FDA (Food and Drug Association), solving murders and smuggling operations with his unique abilities. Tony's abilities lend themselves greatly to detective work as long as he doesn't mine dining on a murder victim to figure out who killed him or nibbling on a finger to find out who it belongs to. From there the story's get totally ridiculous involving vampires, alien life, luchador roosters, and anti-chicken prohibition terrorist groups.

The characters in Chew are also fantastic. Tony is pretty much the straightman by-the-book cop where as his current partner, John Colby is the loose canon of the duo. Oh and did I mention Colby is a cyborg? Tony's former partner, the sai weilding Mason Savoy, is eccentric and mysterious. Tony's girlfriend Amelia Mintz has the ability to write about food so accurately the reader can taste it. Chew has a great ensemble cast and each character is unique from the last.

What you're probably thinking is why should tell tale waste their time making this stupid cannibal cop game when they could be making Sam and Max Season 4/Monkey Island Season 2/Other thing you people want? It's because its practically a match made in heaven! Every issue of chew is self contained while adding to a larger story, which would lend its self perfect to tell tale's episodic release model. The art is cartoony and vibrant and would look fantastic rendered in 3D by telltale. Tony's cibopathic abilities would work almost exactly like Max's viewmaster in the devils playhouse. You could take a bite out of something and get a clue instead of emphasizing inventory puzzles. Also theirs obviously money to be made with the debut issues now going into their third or fourth printing, the reader base steadily growing every month and showtime adapting the comic into a tv show (KEN LEUNG 4 CHU!!!!).

So yeah... if there are any other CHEW fans who agree with me, let telltale hear your voice. And if you're not already acquainted with the warped world of Tony Chu I highly suggest you step outside your comfort zone and pick up the three available trades.

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  • I really don't get why we cant have our own threads to promote our ideas and get telltale's attention. My previous post started off as a separate thread but when I logged on today it had been moved to this thread. It's not even an official thread or anything! How am I supposed to generate interest when my suggestion is competing with everyone elses. Maybe I would understand if I had only written a couple of sentences but I think I put enough work into it to allow it to exist as its own thread. Also this isn't just me going on a tangent of " what if TTG had the rights to chew" its more of just me trying to see if anybody else could get behind this product and help me write to the authors and generate interest. I really don't see why this was a necessary move especially if the beetle juice thread remains separate.

    Edit: This post was written after the original thread was merged with the "Tell Tale Dream Games" Thread. Puzzle Box has since moved the thread back to its original state.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Jekyl70;478142 said:
    I think I put enough work into it to allow it to exist as its own thread.
    There ya go then. :)
  • Thanks a bunch puzzle box.
  • If any one is actually interested in this idea you can help in one of two ways.

    1.) Write to the following address telling them you would like too see this game happen:


    2.) Reply, express your opinions, let tell tale know that we want this. Try and keep the thread bumped to the top. I'm sure their are other comic book fans here who also enjoy CHEW so let your voices be heard!

    In other news I should be starting a petition and linking to that as well as shopping it around to comic book websites and forums. Oh and for anyone still on the fence I've found the entire first issue online. Enjoy:
  • Okay... so this idea hasn't really had the best reception. C'mon people its like I'm having a one way conversation here. Seriously give me some feedback. Do you like this idea? Hate it? What do you think of the preview pages I posted? Would you be interested in buying this game if telltale made it? Would you be interested in buying the comics if you haven't already? I mean come on! I have a hard time believing that out of all the members on this forum no one has heard of CHEW or thinks it worth their time to reply. And in all honesty I think this would be an image property better suited to tell tales strengths than Walking Dead.

    Well anyways, I found out recently that John Layman actually writes video games as his day job so he would probably be able to write the CHEW game if telltale picked up the license. I might still do the petition but unless the thread generates more interest I probably won't.
  • I usually don't reply to these kinds of threads, but I gotta say, this looks like a project that has some merit. I'd probably buy a game based on this comic. And why haven't I heard of this comic before? Also, the art style reminds me of something, but I'm not sure what.
  • It looks right up TTG's alley Iv never herd of it before but the art style looks amazing.
  • Thanks for the positive words guys. It's really nice to get some comments on this thread after a few days of talking to myself. And I strongly suggest checking out the series. Its a personal favorite of mine and its absolutely hilarious.
    Also, the art style reminds me of something, but I'm not sure what.
    Perhaps Invader Zim? The stylized edgy look is not unlike Johen Vasquez.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    As others have said, this sounds like something Telltale would make, although I have not heard of the series. I'll have to look into it.
  • Thanks for the comment Blind Sniper.
    I'll have to look into it.
    I'd be interested in hearing what you think when your done.
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