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What's going to happen in episode 5?

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I know what everyone is thinking, this is not the real episode 5 predictions thread. This thread is to discuss what people think will happen in episode 5 before episode 4 comes out. Where and when will Marty go? Will the real Doc be back? Post ideas here.:D
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  • I would like to see Doc and Marty travel to the year 2011. I also would like to see Clara and the boys make an appearance.
  • right when the 5 episodes were announced, I thought episode 5 had the best premise. The tagline indicates mysteries will be solved, paradoxes avoided and a cinematic chase across the past, present, and future.

    What mysteries? I'd assume the speakeasy.
    Which paradoxes? I'd imagine this will come up in episode 4
    who are they chasing? Top bets at this point are likely edna or griff.
    Which past time periods? 1931 again or will we get another period in the past? My choice would be 1900-1920 to introduce the generations still missing; bufords son/kids father and william mcfly.
    Which future time periods? 2011? 2025? or circa 2040 so we can see Griff and Marty Jrs children?
  • I think its too late to introduce a new time period for the story. when there will be more time travels then to time periods already visited (1931, 1955, 1986, 2015) except of the wild west time period (wouldn't be interesting for the actual story).
    I guess in ep. 4 they will travel back to 1931 to fix young emmet's fate and then something will happen, which will connect to the movies and the already travelled time periods so they will travel back to 1955, 1985 or 2015 and we will meet docs wife and kids.
    The idea of travelling to 2011 at the end of ep. 5 sounds plausible. Maybe there is a last thing to fix there 4 years before 2015. Would make sense.
  • I just hope that, if Doc and Marty do travel into the future, Marty Jr doesn't still turn out to be a wimp.
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