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Started BTTF3 without sound; lost all save games?

posted by Natzo on - Viewed by 124 users
Today I went to start my Back to he Future: Citizen Brown game, but the launcher errored/closed on me before I could even start the game because I had forgotten to plug in my external USB sound device (Digidesign MBox2). Now when I enter the game with the sound working properly, all of my save games are missing. Is there a way to locate and retrieve them or do I really have to start all over again?

*Also worth noting that all settings had been reset as well.


Update: After loading one of the 2 Autosaves that *appear* to be saved at the beginning of the game, I now appear to be at my last save point (trying to locate Geroge's missing tapes). However, things are still awry; when I go into the alleyway, there's an animation of the spraypaint can spraying in mid-air with no body (or Jennifer tag) attached to it. Hopefully, things won't continue this way, but please advise if there's a way that I can just get the Load screen to recognize my old save games, and maybe that will help....?


Update: Went ahead and played through the rest of the game without error.
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