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Kirkman talks Walking Dead stuff (including game) with Collider

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Robert Kirkman got interviewed by Collider and said a lot of nice stuff about us!
What is your level of involvement with The Walking Dead video game that is being developed?

KIRKMAN: I just had a meeting with them yesterday. I’m not writing the video game myself just because I don’t have time. I can say that I picked Frank Darabont for the show and I picked Telltale Games because they are very familiar with the comic book and they know what makes the comic book good and what makes the comic book “The Walking Dead” as opposed to just as, you know, zombies running around and cutting people’s heads off and stuff. If you want to buy a game where you run around and kill zombies with an uzi – that game exists and there are more of those games coming out. They are fun games and everybody likes them, but we are not going to try and compete with those games. We are going to try to do something a little different that is a little more true to The Walking Dead. Knowing that they are that invested in changing what you might expect from a zombie game and really brining the emotion and drama of The Walking Dead to video games makes me trust them. But I’m overseeing everything.
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  • It must be fascinating to speak with Kirkman about the creative core of The Walking Dead!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    He is super nonchalant about it, which is both surprising, because I was expecting a lot of intensity about it, and refreshing, because that's not what happened. It was great to be able to sit down with him and shoot the breeze about WD stuff for a few hours.
  • Awesome. Sounds like exactly the kind of person you would want to work with.
  • I've always assumed Kirkman is a cool guy. Yay for my ability to assume stuff!
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    seanvanaman Telltale Alumni
    I assumed he was cool, but, like Jake, I was surprised by how cool he was. There's the guy who makes comics, gets a huge break and a bunch of money, and then spends a bunch of time talking about how important his craft is, and then there is Robert Kirkman, whose success has just allowed him to say what's on his mind at all times and have people listen. He's funny as hell, super foul-mouthed and just sort of a delight to be around.
  • super foul-mouthed and just sort of a delight to be around.

    Thats sort of a contradiction isnt it?
    Also did you perhaps be able to talk to him about Carl's likelyhood to live in the series after the last comic? As of right now he is the only one of my favorites still alive.
  • Gman5852 wrote: »
    Thats sort of a contradiction isnt it?

  • Foul mouthed people can be both fun and nice.
  • What kind of genre is the game going to be?

    KIRKMAN: I don’t know what the technical name is. I know what the game is, but I don’t know if I can talk about it yet. I don’t know what the technical name for it is and I don’t know if I can say if it is. I do know that the game will have shooting. It just won’t be the focus of the game.

    Interesting. I'm hoping this just means Kirkman doesn't know the term "conventional point-and-click adventure", though. ;)
  • Scnew wrote: »
    Foul mouthed people can be both fun and nice.

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