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Pipes in the soup kitchen of Episode 1...

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I'm stuck at the point of the game when you have to collect the alcohol for Emmet's rocket drill. In the walkthrough it tells me that I have to distract the cook with fixing the soup, then tap the pipes to make the hooch rack tip over onto the table. I've done everything right, except when I click on the pipe, all Marty does is say "Looks like these pipes go into the basement."
Is this a glitch, or am I just doing it wrong? :confused:
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  • You have to see the cutscene with the gangster bringing in the barrels of hooch. This cutscene happens when you walk into the soup kitchen with Emmett. Once you see the cutscene, walk to the back of the room (where the telephone is). Once you walk over, another cutscene will occur where the cueball will hit the pipes to transport the hooch.

    Afterwards, talk to Emmett and get him to make a wedge for the door to the kitchen. Once that's out of the way, distract the cueball by getting him to add more spice to the soup and hit the pipes.
  • I had doc make the invention before you said the cutscene where cueball hits the pipes happens. Now the cutscene won't happen D: i enter with emmet, see the cutscene where the hooch is brought in, but when i walk to the back there is no cutscene.
  • Same. I Don't get the transportation cutscene
  • You have to speak to Edna in the park about the soup-cycle. Then tell her a charity needs soup; after you have done this she will come into the soup-kitchen and collect soup, IIRC it is part of this cut scene that then sees cueball hit the pipes to send to hooch down. Allowing you to hit the pipes yourself.
  • I had the same problem for long time... after doc made his "invention" i got the scene by just standing like 3 or more minutes at the door next to emmet then the scene triggered...
    really i just waited...
    but i think they should patch this part its...
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