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Pc or console

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Should I get Jurassic Park for the Pc or wait for Fall for the console version?:confused:
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  • Should I get Jurassic Park for the Pc or wait for Fall for the console version?:confused:

    If u have a computer than can handle it, I would suggest going with the PC version. The graphics will always be better on the PC version, plus you get the episodes as soon as there ready. I know alot of people have problems with using a mouse and keyboard(and I'm one of them), so I got the x-box 360 controller dongle for my PC and it works great.
  • I think Telltale's games are best on PC. I've also become a bit of a PC snob so my console is mostly for social gaming and exclusives. I prefer the mouse and keyboard and can use a 360 controller on other games if I want. Also the PC date is sooner.

    But it comes down to what would you enjoy playing it on. Keep in mind the actual consoles have not been announced.
  • Should I get Jurassic Park for the Pc or wait for Fall for the console version?:confused:

    if your one of those folks with the ipad its an exact console PC/console port on an ipad
  • If you have a PC that can run it and you don't mind playing games on the PC then get it for computer. If you like playing games on the console better than get it for that later. However, I noticed that with Back to the Future the game seems more buggy during the transition from PC to console. Not sure if it'll be the same for Jurassic Park.

    I preordered it for the computer and I had planned to get it for PS3 (if it went to that) as well. But I just got a jeep so I got bills now so I'm sticking with the PC version unless for some reason it doesn't run on my pc which I doubt it.
  • Telltale's a PC developer first and a console developer second, so I'd always go with the PC version, especially since with the exception of the PSN version of The Devil's Playhouse all of Telltale's attempts to bring their games to consoles have encountered problems.

    Of course, the fact that the console version of JP is taking so long makes me hope Telltale is taking the time to be extra careful that they do consoles right this time. Still, why wait? :p

    So yeah, get the PC version unless your computer is horrible. Or if you really, really like trophies/achievements.
  • Yeah I lost that JPLegacy Contest for a copy, so I'll be waiting for a Console version. They better not skip out 360 this time...(BTTF, I'm looking at you!)
  • I don't know about you, but I just wanted to pre-order it. So I chose PC. Luckily, I have a new alienware pc, so I'll be okay.
  • I'll be waiting for it to come to the PS3. Hopefully I'll have enough patience to wait.
  • Where's the Mac in the poll? :p
  • Got it for PC for two reasons:

    1) Don't know if a Xbox 360 release is planned, since we have no precise info about it...
    2) PC version is coming SIX MONTHS earlier...

    I would have preferred the 360 otherwise.
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