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Gamespot: On The Spot Show

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hey everyone,

Telltale have annouced on their blog that jurassic park will be featured on gamespot today and that they will be showing off the game and releasing some more information that everyone has been waiting for, of course the timezones have managed to confuse me because the time the show is at is 04:00 PM GMT (Gamespot website) and on the Telltale Blog its 04:00 PM (PST) which in that case what Gamespot really mean is 4:00PM GMT-7 which means we have to wait until midnight in the UK to watch the show, im so gutted as if it was GMT it would of been 2hrs ago and i have been eagerly checking all day for the video but so far theres no sign of it :confused:

Watch Gamespot's: On The Spot

04:00 PM GMT-7 - USA / Canada
12:00 PM BST (Midnight) - United Kingdom

Who else is excited about this show and what do you think they are going to release, lets hope for a release date for episode one and some awesome footage and some questions we all have had in our minds for so long, cleared up :)
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