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  • For a fan film, it was really well done. It has it's flaws, but overall it was very solid. I enjoyed watching it
  • Agreed! Congrats to the film-makers!
  • A flaw with the CGI is that it didn't blend it too much with the film. Specifically the dilophosaurus, some shots of the raptors, and the stegosaurus. The movement of the dinosaurs was as if they were "slide walking". Though for their first film and because they were "young" it is acceptable. Though the T-Rex vs Spinosaurus fight was damn impressive.
  • Well....that was incredibily silly.
    They should have focused more on the mystery and tension of the island, instead of just stringing together endless dinosaurs attacks. I admire the efforts of the team, but sometimes less is more.
  • I haven't watched this film yet, but that's becuase my computer would take hours to load it up. I'm going to have to watch it at a friend's house.
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