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How to Handle Deaths (Revised Poll)

posted by chucklas on - last edited - Viewed by 5.6K users
There has been much debate over how to handle deaths in this game. I want to present a single option asd ask, would this be ok with you?

So, if they were to implement the retry option as the default and allow the user to disable it and only save manually if they choose, would you be satisfied with that compromise?
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  • KQV was one of, if not the best game in the series.
  • Valiento wrote: »
    You need to add King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride to that (it's one of the most criticized games in the series).

    True...I almost did include it, but left it off at the last minute for some reason I can't remember now.

    I honestly have a feeling Telltale's KQ will feel most like KQ7, which is why I'm dreading it so much, as I absolutely HATE that game. Telltale's KQ will most likely have: 1) a single cursor that does everything, 2) only a few clickable hotspots per area, 3) automatic retries for deaths, etc.

    Telltale's KQ game is going to be everything fans of the series hated about KQ7. Mark my words.
  • You forgot annoyingly exaggerated cartoonish features.
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    Without our knowledge or consent.

    That's a really, really weird comment...
  • What I meant was, they advertised it as something akin to what they were always doing. We didn't have the knowledge or the time to know exactly what it was before it came out and before we preordered it so we could make an informed decision. They didn't tell us it was going to be easier and geared more towards fans of the movie series rather than gamers. As a result many people (myself included) preordered the game almost immediately thinking it would be something it wouldn't.
  • We didn't have the knowledge or the time to know exactly what it was before it came out and before we preordered it so we could make an informed decision.

    But that's always the case with preorders. You can never really trust trailers, screenshots, previews, etc. to tell you what a game will be like. Think of the times you've read a glowing preview, or seen a wicked trailer, only to throw down the dosh for the game and realize that it's nothing at all like you thought. Sucks, doesn't it? But that's what you get for being hasty with your purchase.

    Now, maybe with the adventure genre being so sparsely populated preorders are a safer bet, but I think anyone willing to slap their money on the table before reading a review or playing a demo is taking a gamble and shouldn't complain if the product isn't up to their standards.
  • I don't think the "Retry" option would be applicable....especially if you missed something early on in the game. I'm sure anyone here who has played KQ5 is more than familiar with the cat & mouse fiasco.
  • Oh don't worry, Telltale would never put a gamer in the position of screwing themselves over because they weren't careful or observant. :p
  • Hmmm

    As someone who only started playing King's Quest recently (late last year, if I recall correctly. I've only played AGDI's remakes of KQ1-3), I can say that while the whole "save often" thing doesn't bother me, it doesn't add anything to the experience for me. Deaths should absolutely be there, it wouldn't really be King's Quest without them.
  • Deaths in adventure games serve no purpose unless they're funny or add to the tension of a conflict puzzle. However, my normal reaction to dying is something like "Damn, now I have to backtrack because I don't save every time I walk onto a new screen. How was I supposed to know that that Graham would be attacked by a wolf from out of nowhere before I could react?" It's more a frustration than anything, especially in King's Quest games where the developers were clearly just messing with the players at some points, and there's nothing wrong with a game that doesn't punish you for exploring.

    Somewhat related, Telltale fans are really whiny.
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