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Cannot Activate Game

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Let me just start by saying that I truly dislike the digital river ordering system - I had nothing but problems when purchasing the 1st Bone game, and am having problems once again with the Great Cow Race.

I downloaded the demo, purchased the game, and received my email from Digital River the next day. I've signed on to the order status system provided by Digital River and attempted to activate the game, using the appropriate button. This actual button seems to only call a javascript self.close, close the window, and do nothing whatsoever.

When running the game after supposedly activated it, I click on the "play the 12.99 version" link, and it simply takes me to the purchase screen.

What am I missing?

I have been playing adventure games for 20 years, am enjoying the Bone games, and am really looking forward to the new Sam and Max game, but I would ask that you please look into a new digital distribution service for future releases...

In the meantime, I would love to be able to play the latest Bone game... Please help...
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  • Thanks for the feedback. It's important that people let us know if you have problems with the ordering system -- we have no other way of knowing that something went wrong!

    When you say you used the appropriate button, which button do you mean? Is it the one that says Activation Support, or the one that says "I've Already Purchased This"?

    "I've Already Purchased This" is the button that helps you unlock the game if it doesn't unlock automatically after activation. If that's the one you're having trouble with, please try Activation Support. This will give you some information you need to email to Send this information to us, and we'll unlock it manually for you. (Be sure to include your order number, please.)

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