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Episode 4 - Stuuuuck on trying to discredit Lincoln

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Hi All,

Haven't read the posts below - sorry - trying not to spoil myself.

Hopefully someone helpful here can help!

I've brought Lincoln's popularity down twice now, but I'm assuming I have to do it a third time?

First was getting him to say a cue card from inside the white house which sounded bad in response to one of the questions.

Second time was getting Sybyl to turn up for a date with him in front of the TV cameras.

Now I'm stuck...

Can't seem to bug anyone else, or use the phone again in any useful way. Can't get the 'carbon dater' (I assume I need it) from Sybyl, can't buy the latest toy off Bosco (maybe with the money from the carbon dater...), can't get into the War Room, can't discredit Lincoln any more.

HELP? =:)

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  • ATTENTION! Solution in Spoiler:

    [Spoiler]You need the Military Card on the wall near Leftys and the Sign from Huge Bliss and you're set.[/spoiler]
  • Thanks Jake! That's just what I needed to start thinking outside the square... or card, as the case may be... :) There's been a shift in office, problem solved :)

    I must say, it's a refreshing and welcome change to be stuck for once in a TT Sam & Max game - the previous 3 almost solved themselves. Even though I got stuck, I loved it! Forced me to explore the world more fully and do/click -everything-, really getting to know the game better and making it a deeper experience. With the previous 3 episodes, I felt like whenever I tried to select everything (in a conversation for example), a lot of the responses would be basically the same as some of the other responses, as if the game didn't really expect you to click on everything, so it repeated itself many, many times. Frustrating for an old-school adventure game player who's used to wanting to do everything to search for all the information. This new approach is much better, and leads to a better experience, for me anyway.

    An e.g. would have been the first Soda Popper conversation in Episode 1. I remember laughing and being intrigued at the first couple of responses about 'Brady Culture's Eye-Bo', but then when selecting more and more dialogue options, a lot of them were the same or very similar responses about Brady Culture, and it actually got irritating. Similar problems with the next two episodes. This time around, it feels like all the conversation options are there for a reason - to illustrate a plot point/puzzle, or give a new bit of information for the game world & story. Loving it so far!

    Also, let me make it clear that even though I got stuck, I love that there WASN'T a line spoken by Sam or Max saying something like: "Hmm, these responses aren't working, maybe I should go look for some more cue cards...". The last 3 episodes all had this kind of writing, which led to me never being stuck, as the game led you to the next puzzle solution - almost like the hint book was built in to the dialogue - not a good thing!

    Will say that although I should have picked up on the Hugh Bliss puzzle, the poster is something I probably never would have checked, as they usually stay the same episode-to-episode. That said, I -did- find it, as I started looking -everywhere-... so just ignore me.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work! This episode is defintely the best so far, and is lasting me much longer - still going! :)
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