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Will Telltale ever make a classic style adventure?

posted by VastGirth on - last edited - Viewed by 130 users
I love most of telltale's output (except the god-awful control scheme), but all of their recent games seem to be quite easy (if not very easy), even S&M and TOMM. Now this is fine as i know times have changed and this is what a lot of people want nowadays.

But do you think there's room in the telltale catalogue for a game with more complex and difficult puzzles.? I'm thinking along the lines of Day of the Tentacle, etc. I was hoping BTTF would have some cool time-travel related puzzles, but not so far.

I'd love them to release a game alongside the other IP's aimed at the more hardcore adventure game fan.

EDIT: Oops apologies for the typo in the title. I cant seem to change it
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  • There are a lot of games in the planning at the moment. I reckon the next one up (Jurassic Park) will be pretty easy again, so as to be "accessible" to your casual gaming market. But I have high hopes for kings quest. Didn't play the originals, but it will be hopefully be aimed at people who did, and so be harder.

    Here's hoping anyway.
  • VastGirth: I am actually curious what direction TT will take King's Quest in, and it may be what you're looking for. I actually DON'T like insanely hard adventure games- actually let me clarify that.

    I like hard games and puzzles. I adore Professor Layton and my share of sudokus. But there's a difference between a difficult game and an unintuitive one, and it's a very hard line to walk. A good difficult game would be something like Portal- slowly providing you with the tools you need and expanding its world allowing you to think intuitively. This kind of puzzle setup is VERY hard. When a puzzle is difficult, but all the pieces are in place, its that Aha! moment I get from games like Shift, Portal, and well made escape-the-room games that I look for. (The phrasebook puzzle in ToMI 3 was another difficult and intuitive puzzle I admire)

    (Also, I removed the typo in the title for you)
  • I think the issue is length. When the games are episodic, the game world for each episode is generally fairly small, and therefore even if they try to make things difficult there are only so many things that can be done.

    So, if Telltale made a "full-sized" game that was non-linear and had the same number of areas of games like Day of the Tentacle, the difficulty would be there even if the puzzles were "only" on the level of S&M, ToMM, etc. You'd have 5 episodes worth of puzzles crammed into one game and spread out over a large area, making things considerably more complicated. I don't think Day of the Tentacle would be that difficult if it were chopped up into areas of 6 rooms each that had to be solved before moving on to the next.
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