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  • Just got it out of the blue due to my brother's friend wanting to get the two pack with a buddy. Fingers crossed that my crotchety old machine won't pitch a fit when I try to run it!
  • I've just tried it. So far... incredible. I had to stop myself from playing though. I'm determined to complete HL 2 ep 2 and Lost Coast before I get into Portal 2. I completed Ep 1 in 3 hours so I reckon it'll take no more than a week to get through. Of course, then I'm on hol so I aim to be ready to play Portal 2 directly after the hol. A long time to try and stay away from spoilers. I hope I manage it.
  • I'm about to buy this to play it 2days before my PS3 version arrives...which I know also includes the steam version. Does anyone know if the free version is an actual code inside the box? Just wondering if I can gift the free one to a friend when my PS3 copy arrives or is the free game received by linking your steam account (or something that stops you giving these codes away?)

    edit:bought it anyway, guess it doesnt really matter =p
  • AMAZING! So many twists and so much character and so much... STUFF! I know that's not a very indepth critqtue but honestly it's blew my mind. I'm about halfway and I had to convince my self to stop or I'd be late for a meeting. Ether way it's amazing stuff, portal fans are gunna love it.
  • It worked! It worked on my computer!

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    As a side note, of the fifteen minutes I've played so far, my favorite parts were [Spoiler] when it worked on my computer [/Spoiler] and [Spoiler] when it didn't make my computer explode [/Spoiler]
  • Someone on Twitter posted this:
    That is all.
  • That...is awesome. Why don't I have professors like that? Why?
  • RingmasterJ5;487027 said:
    Can I use my Max hat?!
  • MusicallyInspired;487054 said:
    Been playing for a while now. Loving it so far! I believe I'm on Chapter 3. Also, the interactive teaser for Super 8 was interesting.
    I am not usally not a fan of movie licensed games (unless they are made by Telltale) but a Super 8 game made by Valve (instant buy)
  • DrRocketGenius;487272 said:
    Can I use my Max hat?!
    Nope. :(
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