Lord of the Rings Parody - The Biggest of Dem Rings - Launch Trailer! -HD- Easter2011

Hey guuuuuys! I'm so excited about this! Check it out!
(click on the image below)


Or click here, same link for the
Launch Trailer

I would like as much feedback on it as possible, please! I'm struggling right now to launch the movie (with english subtitles) around Easter 2011.

My friends/actors are excited, my friends' friends are excited... even the PROPS are excited! ...I think...
If you want, please send this to as many people as possible, the feedback is important to us. I even tried to catch BBC's attention with it (they have this campaign-thingy going on).

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    Will watch and comment on the trailer as soon as I got to a anti-filter equipped computer.
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    It looks really amazing Andrei, kudos to you! Truly impressed here.
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    "Amy approved" alliterates as well as "Alan approved", doesn't it?

    Anyway, you're really crazy. But doubtlessly great as well. :D
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    Oh man, I am so excited! That was a cool trailer, to say the least. Never thought ninjas and orcs were so interchangable.
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    lolol @ the ninjas... er I mean orcs
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    Looks epic! And a lot of fun too!

    Can't wait for the final result! :D
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    Excellent! I can't wait for Easter now!
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    Thanks for the nice comments, guys :D It means a lot to me!

    We are aiming for Easter as a local launch date. After the big launch, I will be working on both the subtitled international version, posting the link in this thread AND the subtitled "Making of" which shows how we did most of the stuff.

    Is there anything in particular you'd like to see in the Making of?

    EDIT: And why did tinypic delete my picture?! It's not copyright infringement, it's from our movie! 100% our stuff in there! (except the characters).
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    Just in case you people want to know, I've released a soundtrack excerpt for you guys. I'm working on that song right now.

    Go ahead and listen
    ... tell me if you like it :)

    I'm almost done!! A few more tracks to go aaaand release tiiime! :D
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