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Screen Sizing Problem

posted by JurassicGuy on - last edited - Viewed by 212 users
I downloaded the free first episode of BTTF, and the problem I'm seeing to have is when I get to the options screen and I try to set the game's screen size. I try to turn full-screen from "off" to "on". When I click "on", it says that a problem was encountered and the game closes itself. If I can get any help regarding this issue, I would be very grateful.
EDIT: I can click on stuff like turning subtitles on and off, starting a new game, and trying to change the screen resolution just fine. It's the size of the screen that's causing me problems. Also if it helps, I'm trying to run the game on a Windows XP.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Hi JurassicGuy, what resolution is your screen running when you load the game?
  • It's on 1024x768 when I try to change the screen size.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    There's the screen resolution selected in Windows:


    And the resolution selected in-game:


    Try making sure those two match before changing to fullscreen (don't know if this will help at all, since mine seems to adjust ok even if the resolutions are mismatched).

    Have you tried changing the graphics options to a lower quality?

    If those things don't work, send an email to [email][/email]. It would be helpful if you could paste your DXDiag info into the email text (they can't receive attachments). You can also post it here, but I think you're more likely to get a response via email.

    Or of course just play it in windowed mode if you can't wait. ;)
  • Thanks very much for the help Puzzlebox!
    I've got it working fine now! BTW, I loved the episode and I am honestly convinced to get the rest of the season! (Though I should probably watch the 2nd and 3rd movies while I'm at it. I've never seen them. :p )
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