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Minecraft: Visitor's Center

posted by Ofnir on - last edited - Viewed by 999 users
Just thought I'd share my minecraft project from the past few days, the Visitor's Center from Jurassic Park. The original idea was to build the movie version as close as I could, to scale, using some of the schematics from JPLegacy. Because of the constraints of the program, I couldn't get it perfect, but I got the exterior as close as possible. The interrior is more what I could get away with given the outer shell, so it ends up being a blend of book, movie, and whatever I could get away with. Texture is based on a photoreal texture pack I found and modified.

I still need to do the offices, fix the kitchen, and reskin a few things (like the storage chests and see if I can get the sandstone pillars to blend more smoothly; also maybe some fossils in place of paintings so can decorate the pillars).

My friends are trying to get me to do the whole visitor's complex from the book, but dunno how far I want to go with that.

I'd offer to open up a server for a Park project, but my connection wouldn't be able to handle it (stupid time-warner...), so instead, share your creations thread?
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