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Did anyone notice the Possible spoilers in the trailer? (warning: no hidden text)

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Basically i found:
The director(find her!)
Any-others that you find please place here, and i want to ask this! do Season 1 customers get 1 week early access?
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  • Trixie;25202 said:
    i want to ask this! do Season 1 customers get 1 week early access?
    I hope so, that was awesome!
  • i dont know, an awful lot of things related to sam and max seem to be comming out early these days

    episode 4, the gametap trailer, short #11............. all i can say is that the release dates have less meaning now then they did a few short months ago, and you have to check your email and the site almost twice daily or else you may miss something important

    not that i am complaining or anything like that............. i like this recent spontainity that telltale has been presenting
  • ...

    -begins analyzing the trailer very thuroughly-


    -doesn't find anything that seems important, other then the idea that the internet is supposed to be self-aware and plotting to take over the world-
  • We're very sensitive to spoilers around here. If you see something in a Telltale trailer that you *think* is a spoiler... well, it's not. ;)

    As far as the trailer coming out early, not really. The game launches on GameTap on the 29th and we have been trying to get trailers out at least a week before that.
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    But besides that:

    Nick claims there are spoilers in the trailer... Emily doesn't think so...

  • Here's one: I think Sybil's new job is being a web designer, and is in her portfolio.

    Also, it sounds like Strong Mad is in that machine at the end of the trailer. :P
  • Here is my thread on this subject. Hope you guys find some more spoilers than what I got. Good luck! And also, AdamG, have you ever played System Shock? "Heeeeeeerrrre's SHODAN!" is what I thought when watching the trailer. More on this on my thread.
  • Pfff, have I ever played System Shock?!?!? Good lord man, those are like my favorite games ever. (Except Sam & Max, of course.) I never finished the original, but I plan on playing it again. System Shock 2 was... Amazing.

    I wish they made a third, but perhaps it's best it ended this way. I'm definately getting Bioshock. You know about Bioshock? It's almost done. And it's made by many former people who worked on System Shock. It's pretty similar, but a bit different.

    P.S. My computer's network name is even Shodan. My brother Gabe's computer network name is Locutus (Star Trek).
  • Your Star Trek hint wasn't necessary. Does that make me a nerd?
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