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Dear telltale and community we want (SPOILER)

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Dear Telltale games,community

First I want to start by saying S&M was an awesome game so thx to telltale. I also want to thank the community by giving morale to the fans that couldnt wait for the game to comeout. There was only one problem. Our furry little friend had died at the ending of the season. I made this letter to warn telltale games that some ppl and I want Max back in season4. The real Max. So community its your job to spread this out so plz help to spread tnis out.(no rude or hurtful comments)

By aerbil
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  • I hereby want you to stand up and still for the memory of our furry little comrade, the laughter of our tears, Max the Lagomorph; for the entirety of this 5 months.

    If you try to sit down, it means you don't like Max much. ADMIT IT. AD-FUCKING-MIT IT PAL.
  • HRGGHHHHHHH SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! (you should say that when posting these threads, even though I played through it twice! Still, some people haven't)

    As for the whole Max thing, I can only imagine it being used in Season 4 two ways:

    - A silly little gag or joke referenced somewhere, not really all that important to the story.

    -Or a major plot point involved through-out the season's story. (Though I can't really imagine it being the MAIN focus of a [hopefully to be] Season 4.
  • Everyone make similar posts to warn telltale games that we want our Comrade max back.
    Warn the community if you love max!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dont forget skunk'ape
  • Just how would you propose Telltale go about bringing the "real" Max back? He's dead and more time travel shenanigans would create another alternate version, so you can either spend a big part of next season extricating him from the afterlife or declare that The Devil's Playhouse was just some dream sequence. Do you really think either of those is attractive?
  • Ya it can be attracting. Sam and Max wake up in
    A dream capsule in an intergalactic space ship and the adventure could start there
    .... Or i have an idea that would be max and samX journey throughout
    Hell to earth for just only 1 or 2 episodes and finally sam and max reunite and stay back at earth while samX and Max X could reunite and time travel. I think telltale must have alot of ideas to comprehend with does options
  • ....

    That's it, I'm done. GOODBYE FORUMS.
  • Spoiler: [SPOILER]It's not the original Max. Max has died in other mediums on numerous occasions, so it's not the same Max as Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple anyway.[/SPOILER]

    This is a matter for the Sam and Max forums, and also is incredibly spoiler-y.
  • I kno its for the sam and max forum but i want telltale to notice this so they can notice this
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    And you think they'll notice it in the General Chat forums MORE?

    Go ahead. Don't mind us laughing incessantly behind your back, though. ;)
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