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Top 3 Worst Episodes

posted by Duccen on - last edited - Viewed by 4K users
OK here goes!

1. Moai Better Blues
2. Reality 2.0
3. The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

(I like them all, but these are just a bit uninspired and dull at some points in my opinion)
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  • 1. Culture Shock
    2. Moai Better Blues
    3. Situation: Comedy
  • the only episode I didn't liked much was the first of the first series, I just hate soda poppers
  • There arnt any bad episodes they are all pretty much amazing and fun
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Woodsyblue wrote: »
    1. Culture Shock
    2. Moai Better Blues
    3. Situation: Comedy

    Agreed with Woodsyblue (and even then, I still had loads of fun playing those episodes).
    Not sure why some people don't seem to like Reality 2.0 and The Tomb of Sammun-Mak as they are my favorite episodes of seasons one and three respectively (I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder).
  • 1. Moai better blues
    2. Culture Sock
    3. Situation: Comedy

    I like them, just less...
  • Remolay wrote: »
    1. Night of the Raving Dead (I can't stand Jurgen even as a villain)
    2. The City That Dares Not Sleep (would be number one if Night of the Raving Dead didn't introduce Jurgen. Had a weak end I think.)
    3. I don't have a three, I've only not played Moai Better Blues, and those are the only two I don't like above.

    Everything here leads me to believe you are pure evil.
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    1. Situation: Comedy.
    2. Situation: Comedy.
    3. Situation: Comedy.

    I absolutely detest that game. It's the only one I couldn't be bothered to finish, and so skipped. (The lyrics to Sam's song were nice, though.)

    I pretty much love every other episode, though. Even the ones I disliked (like, say, They Stole Max's Brain!), I disliked in the way I dislike things I actually love, where I just want them to be a little better. Situation: Comedy I just plain hated. (Mole/Mob/Meatball more than made up for it.)
  • Though I know love the series and didn't know better at the time, I now look back and think unfondly of

    Culture Shock
    Situation Comedy
    Which drew chuckles but no laughs, happiness at Sam/Max's return but no jubilation.
    These are the two I'd hate to play against, most.

    Finally, Moai Better Blues.
  • I dunno... cos I like them all, but I would hafta say Moai Better Blues because it was difficult enough (heck I thought Night of the Raving Dead was difficult too, but I just loved everything that was going on). And yeah, Culture Shock and Situation Comedy 'cos they were more introductory I thought. Though I have a somewhat soft spot for Brady Culture...
    as a villain, nothing else. XD
  • they are all great
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