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Top 3 Worst Episodes

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OK here goes!

1. Moai Better Blues
2. Reality 2.0
3. The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

(I like them all, but these are just a bit uninspired and dull at some points in my opinion)
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  • 1. The City That Dares Not Sleep
    2. The Penal Zone
    3. They Stole Max's Brain

    Edit: My dislike of 305 has nothing to do with
    Max dying

    (While I enjoyed some aspects of The Devil's Playhouse, I prefer the more challenging gameplay and non-cinematic narrative style of the earlier seasons.)
  • Aaand they continue thrashing Moai Better Blues. The episode deserves more than it gets. The gameplay is very interesting, thanks to the triangle portals and the fountain of youth. Plus, it was a very refreshing episode, really. There is a place for it in the season as a whole. As for the other mentioned episodes, I'll just say that The Tomb of Sammun-Mak was very innovative, and Reality 2.0 wasn't just incredibly inventive, challenging and well-balanced - it's BRILLIANT, and dare I say, a classic.

    OK, so you want a negative Top 3? Well, if I have to choose... here goes:
    1. Culture Shock
    2. Situation: Comedy
    3. Night of the Raving Dead

    As for the first two, Telltale was just warming up. And as for the third, the setting was perhaps a bit cliche dark for my taste. And I don't like rave. :D
  • I like all the games, but these will go down for me as the least nostalgic:

    Season 2: Chariots of the Dogs | Moai Better Blues.
    Season 3: The Penal Zone.

    Why these three? I'm not a fan of Sci-Fi, aliens, & UFOs. As for MBB; I finished it quickly & really wanted more interaction with all the stuff on the island. There was also fewer places to go, if I'm not mistaken.

    I put Reality 2.0 on my Top 6, but I can see how many might not like it; it caters to nostalgic geeks like me who can instantly identify all the unsubtle retro pop culture references; either the episode gave you a nerdgasm or it left you unsatisfied.
  • I really don't see all the hate SitCom is getting. I still think it was the best they got in season 1.
  • 1: The Mole the Mob and Meatball

    2: Night of the Raving Dead

    3: Reality 2.0

    I know everyone liked Reality 2.0, but I just thought it was boring and drab.
  • Remolay wrote: »
    1. Night of the Raving Dead (I can't stand Jurgen even as a villain)
    2. The City That Dares Not Sleep (would be number one if Night of the Raving Dead didn't introduce Jurgen. Had a weak end I think.)
    3. I don't have a three, I've only not played Moai Better Blues, and those are the only two I don't like above.

    God damn, those are two of my favourite episodes. Whatever.

    I honestly have a hard time picking least favourites, every time I think of one I remember how much I enjoyed it :confused:
  • 1. Situation Comedy
    2. The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball
    3. Night Of The Raving Dead
  • i kind of liked situation comedy. It was fun going on the different shows.
  • Any that has the Soda Poppers in it...
  • Culture Shock
    Ice Station Santa
    Moai Better Blues

    I hate it when children appear in Sam And Max. Max provides all the childish humor required.
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