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Top 3 Worst Episodes

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OK here goes!

1. Moai Better Blues
2. Reality 2.0
3. The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

(I like them all, but these are just a bit uninspired and dull at some points in my opinion)
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  • 1. Culture Shock
    2. Night of the Raving Dead
    3. Beyond the Alley of the Dolls
  • 1. Situation: Comedy
    2. Night of the raving dead
    3. Moai Better Blues
  • thom-22;500943 said:
    It's not just the individual difficulty of the puzzles. It's that in S1-2, the latter especially, one got the feeling that more of them were going on at the same time; that's mostly what I mean when I talk about complexity. We were usually exposed to elements (hotspots, inventory items, visual and spoken clues) of multiple puzzles in ways that didn't telescope their eventual use.
    I wrote up a long response to this the other night that got lost in the Telltale Zone, as I think the boards were doing their nightly maintenance.

    I see what you mean, especially with the last couple of episodes of S2. Towards the end of S2E5 you had a glorious amount of items in your inventory worthy of prime Sierra. However, I still think that you were largely funneled into a linear [1 intro puzzle -> 3 puzzles -> 2 puzzles -> 1 ending puzzle] (or whatever) type progression. The episodes were still nowhere close to something like Leisure Suit Larry 6 (not that an episodic series could be, but you get the drift). The difference between the S3 complexity and S2 complexity, in my opinion, is not big enough to overcome the significantly better presentation in S3.

    Full disclosure - after my most recent ride on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, I became fascinated with that Rod Serling narration style. So who knows how much that is influencing me.
    Where is it written that the game is intended for consoles foremost? When I sit down to play a game, long dialogue sequences and dull cinematics are just as intolerable to me regardless of where I'm actually sitting.
    I actually did see it written somewhere recently, but it just seems obvious because of the direct control.

    Yea usually an excess of cinematics still pisses me off even on consoles (Metal Gear Solid and Eternal Sonata come to mind), but for whatever reason I've been mostly okay with S3. However, I'm 45% of the way through S3E5 and so far it's mediocre. Unlike you though, I feel like it's an episode from S1 or S2, and that's not really a good thing.
  • Here are my top 4, just because I feel like a rebel.

    Culture Shock - So many characters introduced, but with the exception of Bosco, I didn't really like many of them.

    Reality 2.0 - At first, I was finding it hilarious, but the game jokes grew old after a while. I guess it's just hard to effectively make jokes about video games in a video game.

    The Penal Zone - For the first episode of Season 3, I was not very impressed, personally. I didn't really like Skunkape that much, and I was expecting to see The Office and Bosco. Plus, the Future Vision power ruined quite a few of the puzzles for me.

    Moai Better Blues - I hated this episode so much. :( I hated the theme, and the baby characters did not bring laughs. I'm glad they made Baby Amelia Earhart a billion times funnier in 302, she ended up being one of my favorite characters in the season because of it.

    That being said, I did enjoy every single episode, very much. These are just the ones I enjoyed least.
  • 1. Reality 2.0 - It was a good concept but I found myself very bored and using a walkthrough to get through it. Someone already stated in a different thread that Sam and Max seems to exist in an 80's-90's universe and the internet theme felt a little out of place.

    2. Moai Better Blues - I love tropical themes. The graphics in this episode were colorful, and refreshing. It really looked great. There were some parts I liked about this episode, but overall it just wasn't up to par with other episodes.

    3. The Tomb of SammunMak - I'm about 3/4 through this episode right now and fighting the urge to use a walkthrough to just get through it. The movie them to this is actually really cool but I'm getting to the point where I feel like it's starting to drag.

    On a side note, it's always cool to read other people's opinions. Sometimes if I dislike something and read how much someone else likes it, it'll make me reconsider my own position. I'm surprised to see so many people disliked Culture Shock and Situation Comedy, those were two of my favorites! Come on, who didn't enjoy putting together that reality show about the cow?
  • I could replicate Vondur's post and it would be mine.
  • I finally finished The Tomb of Sammunmak, and the end that was getting painful. Even with a walkthrough it was overly tedious. There were a few confusing puzzles on the train. Particularly the parts where you had to leave the area then come back to talk to a character.

    I loved the turn of the century feel of this episode, and the switching film reels was an awesome touch. However, the puzzles just didn't work well. Ultimately it felt like a chore.
  • My bottom 3
    1. Moai Better Blues
    The only episode of Season 2 I hate. The only episode I intentionally skipped during my second playthrough. The new characters are bland, the puzzles are tedious.
    2. The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball
    The game is a total drag untill halfway through the game and the only memorable characters are Harry Moleman and Leonard.
    3. They Stole Max's Brain
    The game is very slow after you complete the questionings the game's pace screeches to a halt, it doesn't get interesting untill the gladiator fights, at least the graphics, sound and humour was good.
  • People dislike SammunMak for being complex? Having puzzles?
    What the...?
    Dangerzone;499630 said:
    I should note that the alpha copy of Moai better blues that I had the privilege to play by accident while it was on gametap actually goes down by far as one of my FAVORITE episodes to date.
    Didn't you save it???

    Anyways, my lowest 3;
    1. Maoi Better Blues.
    2. The City that Dares Not Sleep
    3. They Stole Max's Brain

    Still, 302 and 304 by itself still made Season 3 pretty good. Better than 1, a little under 2.
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