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Top 3 Worst Episodes

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OK here goes!

1. Moai Better Blues
2. Reality 2.0
3. The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

(I like them all, but these are just a bit uninspired and dull at some points in my opinion)
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  • People dislike SammunMak for being complex? Having puzzles?
    What the...?

    SammunMak had puzzles. Good ones in fact. Not really complex or frustratingly hard ones, but they were all enjoyable to solve.
  • To be honest I thought most of the characters in Season 1 were boring. Not a lot that I thought were really necessary in further seasons. Yeah, maybe Bosco. Moleman but only really because that's sort of a Sam and Max theme. The rat, he was cool. Lincoln was funny but limited later. But really of all these the only one I thought should come back was Bosco.

    Although the chicken at the finale of S3 was amazing.
  • 1. Moai Better Blues - It had its moments, but I just didn't really enjoy playing it all that much, partly because of the long pieces of dialogue with the baby characters, who I didn't especially like.
    2. Culture Shock - The first game I played and it seemed fantastic at that point, but the games have come so far it just doesn't seem all that good anymore by comparison.
    3. The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball - Meh, it was okay. But nothing especially stood out as great for me. I'm even ashamed to say that I wasn't especially fond of Max's death speech :/
  • 1. Moai Better Blues
    2. The Penal Zone
    3. Abe Lincoln Must Die!
  • Do not know why some people do not seem like reality, 2.0 and Sammun, wheat tomb, because they are one of my favorite programs and three seasons, respectively.
  • Moai Better Blues is the only episode I completely outright despise. I'm really strongly not fond of the second half of They Stole Max's Brain either, but since that's not the entire episode, I don't know if it really counts. I actually love the first half (though it definitely needed more Noir Sam).

    Culture Shock and Situation: Comedy I wouldn't exactly say are exactly bad, more just kind of boring, like the season really hadn't gotten going yet. Season 1 starts to pick up for me at The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball.

    What's with all the hate for Reality 2.0? I love that episode. 8( Maybe it's because I'm like the only person in the world who actually likes the C.O.P.S., ahaha...
  • I can't really stand to make a list of the Sam and Max episodes that I don't like, but I would agree that Situation: Comedy isn't the best. Season 1 as a whole pales in comparison to the greatness achieved in 2 and 3. What's with the hate for Reality 2.0, I kinda liked it. Especially the text adventure game segment.
  • The only ep that I think isn't as good as the others is Reality 2.0 tbh, it was boring for me. I like all the rest :)
  • I haven't spent a lot of time with Season 3 unfortunately so I don't have much of an opinion on that. As far as Season 1 and 2 (my favorite season) go...

    Season 1: Situation: Comedy. While I found a lot of the jokes funny ("Nah, I don't watch horror movies." "Die! Why won't you die!") and the introduction of Hugh Bliss *ding* always freaks my friends out, the puzzles weren't particularly clever. Culture Shock wasn't bad for the first episode, plus I enjoyed it my first time through otherwise that would be on here as well. I liked the C.O.P.S. a lot and thought they were hilarious! But some parts of Reality 2.0 were annoying, the text-based portion was genius though!

    Season 2: Maoi Better Blues. Again, I liked the comedy. Max freaking out over Baby Jimmy Hoffa was painfully adorable, but the overall 'plot' of the episode and the puzzles were very shallow and pretty lame compared to the rest in the season.
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    1.abe linkon must die
    it felt like a pointless episode
    2.moai better blues
    i felt the story was stupid and alot of the time i thought WTF
    3.they stole maxes brain
    i like the introduction of sammun-mac, but it was random story change after story change
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