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Macgyver Episodic Game Series (Would that work?)

posted by djkarstenv on - last edited - Viewed by 315 users
Hey all,

I had a thought and it might probably sound cheesy to a few of you, but i have been a great fan of the Macgyver series in the 80's and since Telltale is breathing new life into classic game and movie franchises and even making games based on popular tv series, why not make an episodic games series based on the classic Macgyver series? Another great reason this could work is because as we all know Mac used more brains than weapons therefore this could fit into the adventure genre so easily. All gamers would have to do is build a few ridiculous contraptions out of shoe laces and hair pins and figure out ways to get out of situations and presto, it might make for a succesful game?

Just a thought


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