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Sam & Max Devil's Playhouse Episode 2 crashes on startup on steam.

posted by MixedUpzombies on - last edited - Viewed by 463 users
I have completed Sam & Max Episode 1 and wanted to play episode 2 but it kept crashing on startup. I reinstalled it and the menu worked fine I changed the view output to 1080p and the game crashes on startup just like before. This is on steam btw. Any recommendations?
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  • I have reinstalled the game twice and now it won't work at all it won't even let me make resolution changes that break the game it breaks on start up. Episode 1 works fine but every episode after it is broken. I submitted this to telltale support and they asked for my dxdiag information which I gave them. That was two weeks ago and I haven't heard back from them, so I hope I'm justified in posting again.
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