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Steam Client Woes

posted by Jenny on - last edited - Viewed by 947 users
I was very anti-Steam for a long time, but recently I've been thinking of logging back into my account and possibly purchasing some more Telltale games on there (I only have SMI:SE so far).

Well, I download the client onto my computer again, go through the password retrieval system, get the code in my email, go to reset and well it gives me an error that it can't reset at this time. So I find myself stuck. I then proceed to the Steam forums and find similar threads about this. Everyone says you have to contact support... okay, a little discouraged, but I go to contact support... but it seems I have to log into my Steam account to contact support, which I can't do. Then I go to post a thread on their forums, but it says the administrator won't let me post.... is this a sign I should not have even re-considered Steam?

I was hoping someone here might have an idea of a direction I could go at this point. Since I only have one game purchased, making a new account wouldn't be a big deal, but if this happened once, I dread it happening if I've bought 20 + games there.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? I may just stick with buying the games straight from Telltale as I've done in the past. But a friend of mine convinced me to give Steam another chance, but I'm not too keen on that after all this. Has there been any news on being able to purchase LeChuck's Revenge: SE directly from Telltale anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  • Thanks for the reply.

    Edit: I didn't realize I had to create another account for the support system separate from the other two. I'll try that.
  • Not sure if it helps but:

    Create a Support Ticket to contact Steam Support

    Click on the Contact Support button located on the right side of any Steam Support page to create a Steam Support account which is separate from your Steam account. Do not attempt to enter your Steam account information for the Steam Support system, as it will not work.

    Fill out the applicable fields, upload any necessary attachments and click "Submit Question" when finished.

    OKAY. Got it. Just create a new account when you go to that link I gave you. It's not your Steam account, it's an entirely new support account.
  • I think you've just had a bad run, personally I swear by Steam
  • Thanks DAISHI. Okay, well I created the Steam support account, so now I have 3 accounts with steam, wow. And I submitted as detailed of a support ticket as possible. So here's hoping they get back to me.

    I realize this can't possibly be the status quo, as so many people successfully use Steam, but I am a little hesitant to buy from them. Although with games I can't get anywhere else, I probably will, IF I can get this sorted out soon.

    I do have LeChuck's Revenge: SE for my iPhone, but the controls for that drive me a little bonkers, and besides, it's such a small screen, it's not how I want to play MI.
  • Is there a reason you're hesitant with Steam (aside from your login woes)
  • Just this type of a situation really. Originally, when Tales came out, I heard lots of people talking about buying it from Steam, and I couldn't see why. I was so used to buying the hard copies, and not having to depend on another company or software to play them, that it seemed a little aggravating.

    But I can see the convenience of Steam. And one of my best friends uses it all the time and loves it. It just seems less reliable (for me personally) than storing my own games in my home and on my own computer and backup drives, etc.
  • I understand that perspective. Going to be weird once they get rid of hard copies completely.
  • Yes is sure will. I've downloaded some games, and saved them myself, which seems okay. I'll usually put them on a DVD and my portable hard drive, just in case.

    Even console games are going away from hard copies it seems, right? With all the "live" content being introduced.

    For me, if I don't hold the game in my hand, it doesn't seem as real. Just yesterday I was reading a game manual from an xbox game and my friend looked at me as though I had three heads. :p
  • I'm entirely sure at some point even console content will be distributed digitally.
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