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Guybrush is #2 on GameFAQs' list of The Top 10 Videogame Characters of 1990!

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And here's the quote from the list:
2. Guybrush Threepwood - The Secret of Monkey Island (PC)

Everyone's wanted to be a pirate at some point. Sure, the reality of such a lifestyle carries horrible crimes against humanity and risk of serious disease on the high seas, but don't tell that to Guybrush Ulysses "Fancy Pants" Threepwood, the young boy who journeyed to Monkey Island to rescue his eventual wife Elaine Marley from the ghost pirate LeChuck. Guybrush is a self-assured "Mighty Pirate" with a somewhat weak build and a wit sharper than any cutlass. Being the protagonist for each of the Monkey Island games, players are subject to Guybrush's snarky comebacks and occasionally questionable behavior throughout, but his demeanor never becomes overstated, and his relatability ultimately led to him being one of the most enjoyable and endearing characters in videogames.

The Monkey Island games injected some much needed humor into the adventure series, which was growing more and more eclectic as their development progressed. Most everything in the series; from item use ("a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle") to dialogue (Guybrush: "I'm on a whole new adventure."; Bart: "Growing a mustache?"), to references ("Join me, Rosencrantz! I am your FATHER!") to running gags ("Look, a 3-headed Monkey!") was filled with a fantastic laugh out loud sense of humor that is rarely seen in videogames, even to this day, and a great portion of that humor came straight from Guybrush's mind. Not bad for a character who's stated primary talent was the ability to hold his breath for ten minutes.

Trivia: Guybrush's name actually stems from the image file given to his character design in Deluxe Paint (guybrush.bbm), which was a "brush file" of the game's yet unnamed "Guy". His last name, "Threepwood" was chosen from a contest, and is in reference to characters from early 20th century humorist and lyricist P. G. Wodehouse.

So sweet! :cool: ;)
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