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Has TellTale Games ever Released a title on Disc??????

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Just thought about it Since most of the Games released are games for Download has any TellTale Game been released as a PC Disc for people who wanted to Buy the whole package after the Games episodes been Distributed ??
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  • The CSI games were released that way because that's how Ubisoft wanted it. Other than that, I think the only retail releases of Telltale's games were the Wii versions of Sam & Max seasons 1 and 2 and the European PC disc releases of a few other games. But I wouldn't swear to it.

    However, all of Telltale's games are released as a DVD at the end of the season, which people who own the season can get for just the cost of shipping. And if you wait and buy the DVD when it comes out, you still get the downloadable versions as well.
  • I bought Sam and Max Season 1 for PC at Walmart.
  • All of their episodic series have received disc releases. So have all the CSI games.

    And the first two Sam and Max seasons had disc releases for the Wii.
  • I think he's talking retail disc releases. Someone mentioned on another forum that he bought Tales of Monkey Island for the PC as a disc in retail in Australia. Other than that I've only ever heard of the first two seasons of Sam & Max having PC and Wii retail releases. Season one also had a value edition retail disc with only the first 3 episodes.
  • I bought Strongbad on disc at a bestbuy... I think the packaging may even be different.
  • A friend of mine introduced me to Telltale's games with his retail disc copy of Sam & Max Season 1, but I didn't really pay attention to the developer of that game until I heard about Tales of Monkey Island and thus found Sam & Max available in the Telltale Store.

    I've never bought a retail disc of TTG's games myself, though I usually order the free disc copy included with Telltale Store purchases (by "usually," I mean Wallace & Gromit are the only exception thus far.)
  • My roommate bought Sam and Max Season 2 from Gamestop. Take from that what you will.
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