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Announcing: Lord Sevein's Let's Play: Jurassic Park - The Game!

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Hi guys! I wanted to take a second to announce my Let's Play of Telltale's Jurassic Park - The Game!


Complete Telltale Jurassic Park Playlist![/CENTER]

Unboxing Telltale's Jurassic Park - The Game:

[Posted in April]
The first episode will posted the same day as the release date. I've already pre-ordered so here's hoping for a release this week! :D

Now, why am I doing this? Honestly, I've seen a lot of people here on the fence about whether or not to pick up the game. From what I have seen, Telltale is taking the first honest crack at the JP licence in a long time. I completely support trying to keep the look and feel of the original movie as well as the decision on not making the game just another dinosaur shooter. They've also been successful in sculpting an amazing community and environment here on the forums. Personally, I'd love to see Telltale supported (financially that is) for all the hard work they seem to be putting into this release. Hopefully, once people see some live game play and commentary they'll choose to support Telltale too!

Unfortunately, I won't have any footage of the Telltale game until the release date ... However, I was thinking of doing a Let's Play of the original Jurassic Park game for the SNES in the meantime. Would anyone be interested in that? You can check out my youtube channel here.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

[Edit: 11/15/11]

This game is freaking amazing so far! Hopefully everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am now!

[Edit: 1/16/13]

Just updating the thread for anyone wanting to see a full playthough. I still recommend the game despite some of the flaws other people have pointed out. I had a blast playing through it and it seems people enjoyed watching it.
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  • SmorepionKid;495622 said:
    Dinosaur Battles isn't a very bad game, you sould check it out..
    Oh and there is a secret area in the SNES game, it offers alot of ammonution and health, since I hadn't played the game in a while i don't know where it is. It is some where in the rocky areas.
    I remember where it is. God I love that place. I still remember accidentally finding that place when trying to get away from a raptor on the cliffs. I thought I had died. :D
  • Another nice episode, it really shows you have had a lot of experience with this game! :D

    By the way, in the DOS version, the T-Rex bit is mandatory... you have to escape it at one point, by first pushing a barrel of fuel down a cliff, and then going down there where the T-Rex will start chasing you... conveniently, you find a flare gun right where the chase starts and you have to fire at the T-Rex to delay it (but you have quite limited ammo)... and then pass the barrel you pushed down earler and ignite it, creating a wall of fire which stops the T-Rex.
  • Excellent videos Lord Sevein!
  • Episode 3 of my Let's Play: Jurassic Park is up!

    During the recording, editing, and encoding I've tried really hard to keep the quality as high as is reasonable. I've also tried to keep it pretty close to actually playing the an old Super Nintendo. In my research I've found that most SNES games were actually made with a 4:3 aspect ratio in mind rather than the SNES's native 8:7. Interesting stuff for a geek like me. ;)

    Anyway, watch in HD and subscribe if you want to see more from me. I'm thinking a few one-shots of operation genesis are coming soon.
  • Hi guys!

    Well the game finally came out yesterday and man is it pretty amazing. At first I didn't think I would like it all that much (due to my hatred of quick time events) but I'm really liking the flow of the game so far. There is a great look and feel to the game that I'm finding just fascinating. I hope that my videos will help some people decide to buy the game after seeing some of the cool scenes in the first episode! Anyway, I stayed up until 3 in the morning last night recording, editing, rendering, and uploading the first episode of the LP. I think that the episode turned out great! I'd really appreciate any comments or feedback you guys might have - feel free to leave it either here or on youtube.

    Link to Episode 1, Part 1:
  • Whoops ... I've been a busy little bee since the last time I posted ... SEVEN more episodes have been added to the mix. The latest of the mix features the fist part of episode 2! I also got my hard copy of the collector's edition in the mail a few days ago and did an unboxing. Feel free to check that out if you are thinking of getting it. (Hint: I totally suggest it!)

    Anyway, all episodes can be found in my OP. Hope you enjoy!
  • I think they're pretty awesome. Good job so far.
  • Good know you're doing the Jurassic Park The Game vids Lord Sevein! I've watched alot of your videos and they're pretty cool. :cool:
  • Wow it's been a while ... but I thought I'd update and say that the series is up and has been complete for a while now. Seems to be pretty popular and is my most watched series by far. Hope someone else likes it!
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