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Everything You Need to Know About the JP Delay

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Since the release discussion threads have gotten long and difficult to slog through, here is everything you need to know:

Q: Why is JP being delayed?
A: We'll be honest, even the mods don't know that stuff. What we DO know is that this decision was made with the utmost desire to please the fans, hoping to release it better than before.

Q: When's the release?
A: Fall '11

Q: Console release?
A: Also, Fall '11. Release is simultaneous. Note that the original console release was intended to be Fall '11, so the console release will see no change in timeframe.

Q: I don't want a refund. I just want the game.
A: It's difficult to do this case by case. Everyone gets a refund.

Q: How do I get my refund/free game coupon?
A: Keep an eye on your email. (Check your spambox, too)

Q: Is it one or the other?
A: No. You get a FULL REFUND for JP AND a voucher good for any full Telltale season or a single game- your choice on what to use the voucher on.

Q: What can I use the free game coupon on?
A: Any full TT game, current or FUTURE. Yes, THIS INCLUDES JP, FABLES, OR ANY OTHER NOT-YET-RELEASED TITLE. The free game coupon does not expire. Anyone who preordered JP can use the coupon to get it free of charge.

Q: Long story short- I preordered JP. I get my $30 returned AND a voucher. I can then turn around and use that voucher to buy JP- so I can get JP for free?
A: So long as you use the voucher for JP, yes.

Q: Insider Forum?
A: Will remain open.

Q: New preorders?
A: TT will let you know when preorders will start again.

Please feel free to ask any other questions here.
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