Everything You Need to Know About the JP Delay



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    I doubt it. Microcash probably forced Telltale into doing that deal. But i think the PC gamers will get something the Xsucks users wont.
    All the hate on Xbox 360 users and Microsoft wouldn't change anything, you'll still get a graphically superior product (If you have a new/strong computer) as always and a higher chance of getting your game fixed quickly bearing any unforeseen consequences.

    We 360 users deserve something special having been left out of the Telltale loop for nearly two years now...
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    for the record, the people who work at the consoles are probably the nicest, most down to earth, humble human beings on the planet. Like when PSN went down, and i called about it 10 times in one day, and that nice man told me to go (boink) myself.....i remember hanging up and thinking how nice it was for him to offer me an alternative activity to pass the time.

    genuine human beings.

    I'd tell you to do the same if you called 10 times in one day.
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    In addition, Telltale revealed the Xbox 360 edition of the game will arrive as a "retail release containing the full series on disc." On other platforms, the game will be released episodically like other offerings from the publisher, which is in the middle of a series based on Back to the Future and is working on a Walking Dead title.
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    I'm really annoyed about the whole delay, the more I think about it everything smells like forced by Microsoft.

    All the episodes from day one, that's one heck of a service for a secondary port.

    And the pre-orders refunded. Looks like they want to give all former pre-orderers the chance to buy the Xbox-version instead.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there won't be any exclusive material in the preorder-forum just that MS can put a fancy bonus-content section on the disc.
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    Is there an expiration date on the gift code that was given for Jurassic Park pre-orders due to the delay? I searched the stickied thread but couldn't find a reference.
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    It doesn't expire.

    That is if you haven't used it.
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    Good info, cheers guys!
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