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Is this game worth it?

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Hey, I'm thinking about buying this game...So is this a good game or... :D
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  • Hey, I'm thinking about buying this game...So is this a good game or... :D

    Yes its worth the price it is short but a good laugh.
  • I DO love vulgar & dark humor; it's the best kind.

    Love the Energizer Bunny joke in the trailer. I could also swear that borded-up place was Sam & Max's office building. Think I saw Bosco's in there too.

    Character designs make me think of Fairway Solitaire.

    Also love the pair-up of an asshole with an idiot; makes me think of classic UK comedies like Father Ted & Blackadder.
  • absolutely - dark British humour will keep you laughing plenty!
  • It is funny. However the gameplay is short and easy, took me 2 hours to beat it around 1 a.m. and that was with a lot of faffing about. There may be 30-45 minutes worth of actual game/content, but once I beat it, going back to play again felt really pointless. If it were a $4 or $5 game I would say "go for it, it is well worth it for the distraction." However it costs $10 (8.99 on sale on Steam) so I wouldn't say that.

    However, I'm a cheap bastard too. Damned Scottish roots.
  • If you have price concers and an iOS device, get it there for less.
  • I have to say I'm a massive TTG fan but I'm not sure the game was worth $10 - as others have said if it was a little cheaper its a fun game for an hour or so of play but at $10 I found it too short and far too buggy (missing dialogue, things not behaving properly and one monumental freezing issue about 2/3rds through for me).

    That said, money issues aside - it is an enjoyable game.
  • I just finished playing this game! It really surprised me!! Thought it was well worth the dollar! Great humour, engaging and time consuming enough. Really looking forward to ep2&3!
  • Definitely worth the pick up! I think a lot of people may end up surprised at how much they enjoy this series if they give it the chance. The pricetag may scare some people off, but it's not like we haven't paid more to see a movie that sucked and didn't even last as long. Good raunchy fun.
  • Ok, thank you guys! You've made me to buy this game. I'm gonna start playing right now! :)
  • I'm still unsure of the price. I'll wait for a more reasonable price, or a bundle of multiple episodes of Hector which comes in cheaper.
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