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Episode 4 is dark

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Anyone else think this episode was pretty dark?

Trixie didn't deserve what happened to her, and the episode focuses on destroying Edna's life. The argument at the end at the courthouse was dark, too. Apart from the bit with Jennifer at the beginning, this was a disturbing episode! It was well done, but I'm glad that it sets up the final episode with the idea that maybe there's a better solution.
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  • It kinda felt like the fourth chapter of Tales, in that way. Taking familiar characters in a whole new, darker but completely logical direction.
  • And here I was thinking they couldn't top episode 3.
  • Yea it really was dark. Having played it twice now I'm very conflicted about this episode. On one hand I of course feel for Marty but on the other I do feel for First Citizen brown and Edna. That's the one thing that I really do think Telltale did so good. The movies showed you the alternate realities but they never showed you how your actions affected those people in that reality.
  • Don't forget poor Doc getting the Clockwork Orange treatment at the beginning.
  • Bring it on. The story is getting fantastic. I like the conflict. I like the alternate directions. Yet, it still feels very BTTF in style and execution.
  • I tried to lie to Doc when he asked about how Edna will end up in the future... But I felt so sorry for her when Marty told him the truth... Old Cat Lady... Poor Edna... But... She is evil!
  • I liked that the game took deep and think emotive decisions.
    I like games that have emotive resonance - there aren't many out there.
  • Yeah, it was genuinely sad when FCB asked Marty how Edna was in the future and then seeing her heartbroke walking on the road, I never thought I'd ever feel sorry for her after episode 3. Good Work TellTale.

    Did anyone else get the image of FCB opening the Delorean and Billy Ocean's "Get out of my Dreams (and into my car)" blasting away ( yeah, I know it was released 1988 but still ;)).
  • I just found that last scene with Edna and FCB a little creepy...a 17 year old girl walking down a dark road and a 60+ man drives up to her and offers her a lift. O_O
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