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Jurassic Park on Disc for PS3 Please

posted by Telekill on - last edited - Viewed by 12.8K users
Now that we know that JP will be put on disc for 360 owners, how about giving those of us the same treatment who don't like to download full games on their HDD who own PS3?

I for one would much prefer having JP on a disc for my PS3 collection. Considering that 360 is getting it on disc, it shouldn't be much of a leap to do the same for PS3 owners.

I know there are other threads on JP being on disc, but those are for the 360. If you're a PS3 owner and want JP on disc as well, then voice your opinion. I'm guessing that the more of us that show we want it on disc for PS3 as well, the more likely it will be for Telltale to decide on doing it.
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